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Bridging East and West: Alhambra Designs Unites Cultures through Art and Design

Alhambra Designs, a British enterprise founded by Ahmed Q, is marking a period of remarkable growth since its inception. Kindled by the intricate creations of the Moors in Andalusia, Ahmed’s fascination with Islamic architecture has given rise to some of the world’s most exquisite Islamic art reproductions.

Alhambra Designs’ repertoire showcases contemporary pieces encompassing wall art, architectural elements, and furniture, all drawing inspiration from the iconic Moorish architecture found in historical Andalusian sites. Ahmed crafts tailor-made works for esteemed clients, including Middle Eastern Royalty and acclaimed interior designers, with his designs gracing mosques worldwide, corporate offices, and opulent residences.

“We are elated to share the exciting strides at Alhambra Designs,” affirms Karima Halhoul, the company’s Director. “From our modest beginnings as an Etsy shop crafting small tokens, we have swiftly expanded. Our inaugural UK Alhambra Home project, entailing comprehensive home interior design along with artwork creation and installation, has reached fruition. Our presence on social media is burgeoning, and we’ve recently broadened our horizons with the introduction of multiple sub-brands – CasaMorena, and Dulce – each encompassing home decor, women’s gold and silver jewellery, and delectable confections, all meticulously conceived and developed by us.”

The unveiling of Alhambra Designs’ Casa furniture line evolved organically, spurred by the challenges faced by their discerning Arabian clientele and London-based interior designers in sourcing premium Arabian and Islamic pieces for home adornment. Showcasing bespoke furniture samples online led to an influx of requests. The company’s expansion into jewellery and confections is a response to customers seeking products infused with an Andalusian essence.


Ahmed’s creative process is an homage to the Creator, rooted in traditional techniques and employing authentic materials. Every artefact is meticulously hand-finished. His work encapsulates the Andalusian spirit, which served as a historical bridge between the East and West, a cultural crossroads and the zenith of civilisation.

Discover Alhambra Designs’ curated assortment of custom Islamic art reproductions, furniture, jewellery, home decor, and delightful confections by visiting their website at www.alhambradesigns.com.


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