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Stolen Dreams Screening Aims to Raise Awareness on Men’s Mental Health

The compelling new mini-series, Stolen Dreams, is set to premiere at the Raindance Film Festival and again on 24th July at the Genesis Cinema in East London. This series offers a moving exploration of men’s mental health and the transformative power of conversation. Drawing inspiration from real-life struggles and triumphs, this seven-part series seeks to challenge the perception that men do not discuss their feelings.

Stolen Dreams narrates the story of a promising college engineering student who, through sessions with his college counsellor, gradually reveals layers of personal struggles, family complexities, and societal pressures. This raw and sincere depiction of a young man opening up to a male counsellor stands as a powerful testament to the importance of breaking the silence surrounding men’s mental health. Lead actor Ellis Witter adds an extra layer of authenticity to the role, having experienced therapy himself and comprehending the significant need for open discussions.

In an era where mental health is at the forefront of public consciousness, Stolen Dreams emerges as a crucial cultural work. The series not only entertains but also educates, offering a nuanced perspective on the importance of dialogue and support systems for men. By encouraging more men to discuss and explore their emotions, Stolen Dreams aims to dismantle harmful stereotypes that hinder men from seeking help and expressing their feelings. The narrative underscores the necessity for young men to open up from an earlier age, highlighting how many behavioural problems in school stem from low-level disruption often sparked by issues at home. Encouraging men to talk openly about their emotions can lead to healthier relationships, improved mental well-being, and a more supportive community.

The initial screening at Genesis Cinema on 13th June has already attracted significant attention, with over 140 people attending and a buzz of anticipation surrounding the premiere. Early reviews underscore the series’ profound impact and its potential to spark meaningful conversations about mental health.

Janette Collins, Project Manager at the Crib Youth Project, commended the series: “Stolen Dreams is a heartfelt and necessary exploration of the silent battles young men face. It’s a game-changer for mental health awareness.”

Ejike Ezeh added: “A must see for every parent and young adult. A thought-provoking story.”

Stolen Dreams will be screened at the Raindance Film Festival on 28th June at the Prince Charles Cinema in Central London.

The subsequent screening will take place on 24th July 2024 at Genesis Cinema, Mile End, East London, followed by a Q&A session with the cast and crew. This event promises to be an engaging experience, offering insights into the making of the series and its underlying message of hope and resilience. Tickets are available now.

Do not miss the chance to be part of a movement that encourages openness and support for men’s mental health. Secure your tickets today and witness a series that promises to inspire change and foster understanding.


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