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Allianz and Oscar Winner Christoph Waltz Launch New Series to Help People Prepare for their Financial Future

Munich, Germany –

Through its new “Start Making Cents” social media series, Allianz has partnered up with award-winning actor Christoph Waltz to help people prepare better for their financial future.

With rising prices and higher costs top of mind, Allianz aims to make financial literacy topics more accessible and relatable, with the series providing valuable tips for managing personal finances.

The six-part social media series shows Waltz performing seemingly random actions, which just so happen to be visual, easy-to-understand metaphors for financial topics. With this new series, Allianz aims to help people become better prepared to enter the world of investing by simplifying a topic that’s often seen as unapproachable and complicated.

Chairman of the Board of Management (CEO) at Allianz Oliver Bäte, said, “At Allianz, we want to help people manage their money, so that it goes further, lasts longer, and enhances their quality of life. We believe financial literacy is critical in this effort.

We are excited to partner with Christoph to raise awareness of this important issue and bring the topics to life through his insights and humor.”

In his unique, characteristic way, Waltz eats Spaghetti Bolognese in a white suit, builds DIY furniture, packs a suitcase, patiently shaves wool sweaters, follows a strict skincare routine, and deals with bees. All to help understand the basics of investing.

Christoph Waltz says: “It’s very useful and important to know how to handle money. If you are like me starting a degree in business is not really an option. Thankfully there are other means to acquire some of the necessary knowledge. Far more accessible, easier to approach and relate to. Our little series for Allianz seems like an ideal platform. After all – the story of your money is about you.”

Without advertising any products, the series focuses on financial literacy education, and thus Allianz is assuming its responsibilities as one of the leading financial services companies.

The full series launched in early February and can be accessed by visiting Allianz.com and Allianz’s social media channels.

Financial Literacy

Financial literacy means the skills and knowledge needed to make important financial decisions. The OECD/INFE 2020 International Adult Financial Literacy Survey suggests that “on average the surveyed individuals do not consider their financial situation to contribute positively to their well-being, but rather to add stress and worry.“ Therefore, there is plenty of room for improvement.

In contrast, current issues such as inflation and rising electricity and gas prices mean that a large proportion of the population would like to catch up on this knowledge to safeguard their own finances. And how could it be easier to get started than with the entertaining short films “Start Making Cents” with the quirky and enigmatic characteristics of Christoph Waltz?


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