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One-Stop-Shop Handyman Services Brought To Greater London by Trusted Professionals

One of the biggest issues for London homeowners has long been where to turn for help when they need work carried out on their property. While there is no shortage of companies offering individual contractor services in the capital, finding a “one stop shop” service has, until now, been practically impossible.

Finding a painter and decorator may not present too many challenges, but what if you need drywall repairs or a ceiling installed at the same time? The need to search for multiple professionals to complete a single project is time-consuming, stressful, and often, expensive with multiple call-out fees and labour costs. This is a situation that Handyman London has now set out to rectify. 

“We realised that London property owners were crying out for a single point of contact for all their home repair and maintenance needs,” the team behind Handyman London explained. “A project such as a kitchen renovation, for example, can become far more complex and costly than it needs to be simply because of the need to find individual contractors to cover different elements of the process. Finding a joiner to assemble and install the cabinets is just the first step. Who is going to install the electrics, fit the sink, tile the walls and lay the flooring? Finding separate professionals for each of those tasks takes an enormous amount of effort and results in the overall cost of the project increasing significantly.” 

The team decided that it was time to make life easier for homeowners in London, and they have wasted no time in putting together a skilled team of professionals who are specialists in a wide range of fields. Plumbers, electricians, joiners, carpenters, painters and decorators and more have now all been brought together under the single umbrella of Handyman London to deliver their expert services to customers in the city and beyond. 

“We want to address all of the pain points of our customers,” the Handyman London team state. “We know that finding individual contractors is just the tip of the iceberg. Customers need to be able to trust the professionals that they invite into their property to carry out work too. Homeowners are under a lot of pressure not only to source a suitable professional to carry out the necessary work but also to vet that individual to ensure that they’re fully qualified, licensed if necessary, and also trustworthy. That’s a lot of responsibility for customers to face, especially when they need to repeat the same process over and over with multiple contractors.” 

Handyman London aims to remove that burden from the shoulders of London homeowners, taking it upon themselves to carry out the necessary checks before accepting any contractor onto their wider team. 

“We want homeowners to be confident that they can rely on anyone that they hire through us,” the team explain, “and we want them to feel safe with any Handyman London professional in their home.” 

Another issue that Handyman London have set out to resolve is the availability of services throughout the Greater London area. Often, homeowners find that contractors will only operate in certain boroughs, making their search for a suitable professional even more complex. It also makes it more difficult to follow up on recommendations. If a friend in Croydon recommends an excellent plumber who has carried out work on their property, it’s unlikely that the same plumber will be willing to come out to work on a home in Enfield. 

“It’s our mission to ensure that homeowners can enjoy the same high level of service no matter where they’re located across the Greater London area”, the Handyman London spokesperson says.  “Whether customers are in Hillingdon, Boxley, or Westminster, we want them to be confident that all their work will be carried out to the same professional standard and that the customer service they receive will always be excellent.” 

A commitment to outstanding customer service is something that Handyman London believe will set them apart from the crowd, as the team require the contractors they use to have punctual attendance, a friendly, polite and courteous attitude, and a dedication to ensuring the customer’s complete satisfaction with the work that has been carried out at all times. 

“We know that customers often find that the work that contractors carry out on their properties is of a high standard, but the customer service experience is lacking,” the team report. “We’re committed to ensuring that the customer service experience is just as good as the work itself, and we take time and effort to ensure that the professionals that we use are prepared to deliver on this promise.” 

One final issue that the team have addressed is that of pricing. The cost of living is constantly on the rise, and nowhere is the pinch felt more strongly than in the capital. Finding professionals to carry out work on a property at a reasonable rate is a time-consuming task, and involves homeowners having to make multiple enquiries, obtain several quotes, and compare prices in order to find an affordable contractor to complete the necessary work. Handyman London is striving to address this with highly competitive pricing that is consistent across the whole of Greater London. 

“We’ve established a clear and transparent pricing structure that applies across all of the London areas that we serve,” Handyman London’s spokesperson explains. “We’re working to keep our prices affordable in today’s economically challenging climate, and customers can be sure that there’ll be no hidden extras. Everything is included in our quoted costs except the materials required to complete the work, and, depending on the location of the property, the London congestion charge.”

Offering outstanding availability, with bookings available seven days a week and up to as late as 10pm from Monday to Saturday to ensure maximum convenience for customers, Handyman London is setting out to revolutionise the way in which homeowners can arrange work on their properties, no matter where they’re based across the capital. 


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