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Carplus Appoints Learning & Development Director Graeme Mitchell, Bolstering Position as Premier Car Finance Broker

Carplus, a prominent car finance broker located in Borehamwood, is pleased to announce the appointment of Graeme as its new Learning & Development Director. With over 15 years of sales experience and an additional 7 years in executive-level roles focused on delivering targeted training and development solutions, Graeme brings unparalleled expertise in efficient sales processes, product training, high-performing team leadership, and strategic business development. His arrival signifies a significant step forward in enhancing Carplus’s growth strategies and optimising day-to-day operations.

A Visionary Leader with an Impressive Track Record

Graeme’s appointment underscores his exceptional leadership abilities and a remarkable history of success. With a demonstrated proficiency in effective onboarding processes, talent retention, and the implementation of profit-generating strategies, Graeme is poised to lead Carplus to new heights in the competitive car finance industry.

Specialisation in Company Growth Strategies

Graeme’s expertise lies in crafting comprehensive company growth strategies that drive success. His wealth of experience in sales and training, coupled with his ability to forge strong relationships with industry-leading partners, will accelerate the company’s ambition to become a major player in the market. Carplus is excited to have a visionary like Graeme on board, as he embodies the energy and ethos that align seamlessly with the company’s mission.

Paving the Way for Enhanced Development

As Learning & Development Director, Graeme will spearhead Carplus’s efforts to optimise revenue streams through streamlined processes, ensuring efficiency and excellence at every level. His commitment to fostering a high-performing team culture that values innovation and collaboration is set to promote a customer-centric approach, enhancing the overall car finance experience for clients.

“We are excited to welcome Graeme as the new Director of Carplus,” said Roman Danaevthe CEO of Carplus. “His extensive experience and proven abilities make him an invaluable addition to our team. We believe that under his guidance, Carplus will continue to thrive and reinforce its position as a premier car finance broker.” 

Graeme’s appointment as the Learning & Development Director of Carplus represents a strategic move for the company. His exceptional skills in sales, business development, and growth strategies make him an ideal fit to lead Carplus in the highly competitive car finance market in London, UK. With a visionary trainer like Graeme at the helm, Carplus is well-positioned to strengthen its position as a leading car finance broker, offering unparalleled services to its clients.


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