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Gridserve strengthens salary sacrifice offering with Go Zero Charge home charger

Gridserve is now offering Go Zero Charge’s smart EV home charger, as the sustainable energy company bolsters its salary sacrifice electric vehicle (EV) scheme.

By joining the Gridserve salary sacrifice EV scheme, customers receive a brand-new EV in exchange for giving up a proportion of their pre-tax salary.

The forward-thinking approach includes servicing, insurance and breakdown, the option of charger installation and a commitment to plant one hundred trees per customer.

Employees can save up to 40% on the cost of an electric car lease, while employers can underscore their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and contributing to a greener at a time when the positive image of sustainability has never been more crucial.

The ‘Optimus’ new high-tech charger joins a full complement of existing benefits on the Gridserve salary sacrifice scheme already, including three months’ charging included on the nationwide Gridserve Electric Highway; chargers are at over 170 locations with the fastest chargers delivering 100 miles of charge in just five minutes.

Robert Buckland, chief leasing officer for Gridserve Leasing said: “The Optimus is the perfect home charger; the product is tried and tested with market leading and innovative software, along with superb customer support from survey, installation and onwards.

“This new option makes for an attractive offer for both employers and employees. We are so pleased to be able to provide this cost-efficient scheme as every vehicle that switches to EV supports our mission to move the needle on climate change. We look forward to working with Go Zero Charge to offer a great home charging option as we welcome more businesses and their employees to our salary sacrifice scheme.”

The Optimus home charger is equipped with cutting-edge technology that delivers exceptional reliability and total peace of mind for homeowners, including the built-in health check system that updates every 60 seconds.

Reliability is imperative for EV drivers – rather than visiting a petrol station, an EV driver relies on their home charger for fuel. The Optimus’ 60-second ‘heartbeat’ monitor sets it apart from other choices.

Driven by an intelligent mobile app that maximises convenience, homeowners also gain easy access to a range of advanced charging functions with the Optimus. Homeowners can schedule charges based on cheaper, off-peak tariffs to save money on electricity bills and have the unique opportunity to rent out their charger to earn a supplemental income while at work or on holiday.

The Optimus is the leading choice for would-be and current EV drivers, such as Gridserve salary sacrifice customers, who want a home EV charger that delivers convenience, reliability and savings.

David Wells, chief executive officer at Go Zero Charge, said: “Go Zero Charge is thrilled to work with Gridserve, enabling as many employees as possible to make the transition to EVs.

“The UK ban on new petrol and diesel cars production continues to loom in 2030. For businesses, now is a great time to implement a salary sacrifice scheme around EVs – look no further than battery electric cars accounting for 20.1% of new cars reaching the road in August as proof that EV adoption is accelerating.”


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