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Discover the Allure of Yeni Raki-Inspired Cocktails

London’s rendezvous with raki is set to rekindle as Yeni Raki, the world’s top-selling raki brand, makes its triumphant return at Cocktails in the City 2023. This three-day extravaganza, taking place from September 7th to 9th, will transform Bedford Square Gardens into a haven for cocktail enthusiasts in search of their next libation adventure. Building upon the resounding success of the previous event in July, Yeni Raki is ready to delight attendees with fresh signature cocktails and a captivating new collaboration with the renowned Mayfair establishment, Rüya.

Anticipation is reaching new heights as Yeni Raki unveils its partnership with the esteemed restaurant and bar, Rüya, known for its exceptional Anatolian dining experience. This partnership promises a unique fusion of culinary artistry and mixology innovation, offering an unforgettable sensory journey.

Douglas Blyde, the respected food and drink columnist of Evening Standard and a judge at Cocktails in the City, has expressed his excitement about the collaboration: “I’m sure your collaboration with the excellent Rüya at Cocktails in the City will be super. Your Yeni Raki stand at the last event was the only one offering true and proper hospitality. I particularly loved the Basil Sour Dem cocktail.”

For those who missed out on July’s sold-out affair, September provides a fresh opportunity to savor the legendary Basil Sour Dem. Crafted by Yeni Raki as the quintessential raki-infused cocktail, this invigorating botanical concoction, featuring Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme, basil, and cucumber, emerged as the festival favorite.

Adding to the excitement, Rüya’s Head Mixologist Francesco Medici has conjured two distinctive Yeni Raki-infused cocktails. The Pear Raki Fizz, a tantalising blend of Yeni Raki 1937, lemon juice, cinnamon, apple, pear, and lemonade, offers a fruity and effervescent delight. This delectable libation caters to both alcoholic and non-alcoholic preferences, ensuring there’s something for everyone. The Raki Berry Crush, Rüya’s second creation, boasts a medley of Yeni Raki 1937, blackberry puree, cranberry juice, lime juice, cloves, and mint—a sensory explosion that promises to enthrall taste buds.

Nestled within London’s Grosvenor House Hotel, Rüya—meaning ‘dream’ in Turkish—has garnered a reputation as a coveted Anatolian dining destination. As part of the prestigious Dogus Restaurant and Management Group, Rüya perfectly complements Yeni Raki’s ethos and vision.

Yeni Raki, an anise-flavored spirit akin to Sambuca and Ouzo, holds a venerable 500-year-old tradition of being shared among friends and family over mezze, fostering connections with every sip.

With classic offerings like ‘Yeni Raki 1937’ and the artisanal ‘Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme’ available on Amazon, Yeni Raki takes pride in its commitment to quality and craftsmanship. The 1937 variety, the original raki product, combines aniseed with twice-distilled grapes from Anatolia, yielding a distinctive 45% premium grape spirit. Launched more recently, ‘Yeni Raki Uzun Demleme’ represents Turkey’s first craft raki, meticulously created through a prolonged distillation process that embodies purity and smoothness, without the addition of sugar.

The ‘It’s Time’ campaign by Yeni Raki, in collaboration with creative agency Magnetic, is set to paint the UK landscape in 2024. This initiative will see Yeni Raki partnering with bars, designers, and festivals to celebrate its premium raki offerings. But you need not wait until then to indulge. Tickets for London’s Cocktails in the City are available for September, offering a unique opportunity to experience the Yeni Raki x Rüya stand. Here, you can engage in interactive entertainment with The Professional Fool, enjoy complimentary cocktails, and spin the ‘Spirit to Win It’ wheel for a chance to win Yeni Raki prizes.

Yeni Raki’s mission to inspire dialogue and camaraderie extends to potential partners, including distributors, stockists, hospitality groups, and venues across the UK. The time has come for the UK to embrace Yeni Raki, explore novel flavors, and become part of the journey. It’s time for a rendezvous with Yeni Raki—time to savor a new sensation. Join the #YeniRakiTime movement.

For Yeni Raki purchases, visit Amazon, and secure your spot at September’s edition of Cocktails in the City with Rüya by visiting www.cocktailsinthecity.co.uk.

Are you interested in partnering? The time has come to embark on this journey. Contact us at [email protected].


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