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Earth Day: Pod Pea Vodka collaborates with bars for sustainable drinks

In celebration of Earth Day 2024 (today) Pod Pea Vodka has collaborated with bars around the UK to create fresh, seasonal cocktails using leftover, repurposed or natural ingredients. 

Pod Pea Vodka has challenged a number of bars to create a sustainable drink using leftover ingredients that would otherwise be thrown away, or using natural, sustainable ingredients.

Highlights include Mildreds Spicy Telache Sour with chilli & lemongrass Tepache infused with leftover pineapple peel – available at Mildreds Kings Cross & Mildreds Soho, London – and Gillrays Queen Mary – available at Gillrays Steakhouse & Bar, London – with repurposed homemade beetroot liqueur. 

The Earth Day serves will be available on menus from April 20-28 at special discounted rates inviting customers to raise a glass to our planet. This collective effort isn’t just about celebrating Earth Day; it’s a call to action for bars & restaurants to rethink waste management. Through ingenuity and creativity, leftover ingredients can easily find new life as delicious cocktails, proving that sustainability and flavour go hand in hand.

All cocktails are made using Pod Pea Vodka, a planet positive brand. Pod is a flavourful and modern vodka made from 100% British peas that are grown seasonally in Somerleyton Farm in Suffolk, known for its planet saving food and regenerative agriculture practices.

Peas are a symbol of sustainability for Pod Pea Vodka as they are ‘nitrogen fixers’, which reduces the need for fertilisers, or pesticides, helping future crops thrive. 

Pod Pea Vodka founder, Becky Davies said: “Pod Pea Vodka is a planet-positive brand and for us, Earth Day isn’t just about appreciation; it’s about action. We wanted to challenge bars that stock Pod Pea Vodka to craft some delicious cocktails that use natural or repurposed leftover ingredients to celebrate Earth Day.

“We’re proving that sustainability and flavour can work together and hopefully inspire others to get creative when making their cocktails and incorporate ingredients that they might otherwise throw away or opt for in-season produce where possible.”

You can find cocktail recipes for Mildreds Spicy Tepache Sour (pictured) below:  

Available at: Mildreds Kings Cross & Mildreds Soho, London


  • 30ml Pod Pea Vodka
  • 30ml Lime
  • 20ml Chilli and Lemongrass Tepache
  • 15ml Aquafaba

Method: Shake

Garnish: Pineapple leaf and Edible flower


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