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Panda Debuts Eco-Friendly Bedding Range This Earth Day

In celebration of Earth Day, Panda, a leader in the UK sleep industry, is taking a significant leap in merging luxury with sustainability. Their latest innovation is a fabric made from bamboo, sourced from the world’s most sustainable forests, and produced using state-of-the-art closed-loop methods that conserve 98% of water used. This bamboo lyocell fabric, which is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified, stands out as the purest bamboo-based textile available.

With traditional cotton requiring up to 1320 gallons of water per pound, Panda has committed to a more sustainable alternative that offers even greater luxury. Director Matan Gilan praises bamboo as “the fabric of the 21st century,” highlighting its hypoallergenic, antibacterial, and breathable properties. It is fully biodegradable and the bamboo used can grow up to 4 feet daily.

Panda is tackling the issue of waste in the textile industry, with millions of bedding items ending up in landfills annually. Through their Circle of Life initiative, the brand promotes eco-friendly production and responsible disposal of memory foam products.

Their Signature+™ Collection is crafted to offer the utmost in eco-conscious luxury, providing enhanced durability, softness, and benefits for both skin and planet.

Director Tamir Teitelbaum remarks, “We never stop innovating. Any product we bring to the market undergoes stringent testing, allowing consumers to buy in confidence and rest soundly. We are inspiring a shifting mindset to choose quality over quantity, taking care of our environment and creating a world of natural comfort.”

The new collection includes Forest Green and Pebble Cream Bedding Sets, reflecting the colours of nature. Available as full sets or individual pieces, these items will launch on Earth Day and be sold through Panda’s website and selected retailers.


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