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Fixed penalties: Almost 1,000 London cyclists fined in nine months

Nearly 1,000 cyclists have been issued fixed penalty notices for running red lights since the launch of the City of London’s Cycle Response Unit nine months ago.

Since last July, 944 fixed penalty notices have been issued for incidents such as going through red lights and endangering pedestrians.

Yesterday, a cycle roadshow took place outside Mansion House as part of the force’s efforts to educate, engage, and enforce road safety. While it was happening, a cycle operation was being held at Bank Junction to address anti-social behavior and traffic violations.

Cyclists who were caught running red lights and jeopardising the safety of pedestrians and other road users, were invited to attend, with those refusing facing a £50 fine.

Lord mayor, professor Michael Mainelli and lady mayoress Elisabeth Mainelli were at the event, where they met the City of London Police and partners organising the roadshow.

Those who attended the roadshow had the chance to have their bike looked at by a cycle mechanic from Nip Nip, have their bike registered and marked and sit inside an HGV lorry to see the road from the view point of a lorry cab.

London Fire Brigade spokem to the public about the dangers of e-bikes and e-scooters, whilst police offers spoke about crime.

Professor Mainelli said: “The Square Mile is a safe area – a world-leading business district and leisure destination that appeals to workers, residents, and visitors alike. It is a vibrant place for everyone to enjoy. The event was a great opportunity to educate cyclists about making their way around safely, for themselves, fellow pedestrians, and road users.”

Since July, the Cycle Response Unit have also seized 192 illegal e-bikes and e-scooters, made 80 arrests and given key advice and guidance to 8,663 people.

Commander Umer Khan of City of London Police, said: “Cycling operations around big interchanges have made a significant difference in reducing anti-social behaviour by road users in the City of London. The cycle team is one of our visible units people see on the streets, however, their vital work cannot be done without a wealth of dedicated officers and key partners such as the City of London Corporations Highways and Transport for London (TfL) working together, helping keep the City streets the amongst the safest in the country.

“The majority of cyclists are safe and obey the Highway Code, however, we are educating, engaging and where necessary enforcing those road users who go through red lights, putting themselves and pedestrians at risk. I’m very grateful to the Lord and Lady Mayor of London for taking an interest in the proactive work of officers are carrying out.”


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