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London Chef Celebrates the King’s Coronation With Sushi Making

Makiko Sano, a professional sushi chef and owner of The Suzu House restaurant and cooking school, is celebrating the King’s Coronation by spreading the joy of Japanese cuisine and honouring England’s influence on her personal and professional life. She’s offering a Coronation voucher that allows the holder to bring along a guest for free to take part in a sushi-making class at her popular London school. 

Based in Hammersmith, The Suzu House serves traditional Japanese cuisine in an intimate setting and also offers hands-on cooking classes. Through Makiko’s instruction, students of all ages can learn how to make popular Japanese dishes like sushi, ramen, dumplings and even mochi. 

A personal chef with years of experience, Makiko has catered private events and cooked for high-profile clients like Stanley Tucci and Hayley Atwell. She’s also a teacher specialising in delicious and healthy Japanese cuisine. In addition to her classes at The Suzu House, she also teaches at a sixth form college. 

Her decision to celebrate the King’s Coronation with a cooking class gift voucher isn’t based solely on her desire to spread happiness through cooking. Makiko has personal ties to England and Buckingham Palace.

Born in Japan, Makiko made the decision years ago to marry a foreigner and relocate to the UK. Her grandmother, the only person who gave her her blessing, was overjoyed with their decision to make England their new home. At 80, her grandmother travelled from Japan to London for Makiko’s wedding. During the trip, she visited Buckingham Palace, whereupon she bowed deeply with heartfelt gratitude toward Her Majesty on Makiko’s behalf.

In 2007, Makiko was invited to Buckingham Palace to cook and serve sushi, an experience that sticks with her to this day. She’s since been invited back three more times to prepare sushi. 

“I remain profoundly grateful for this incredible country which has given me both business opportunities as well as wonderful friendships throughout many memorable experiences. This month marks a momentous occasion – the Coronation of King Charles III and Queen Camilla. The joyous event will undoubtedly be felt by all.” – Makiko Sano

The versatile chef and teacher is also an author. She’s published three books on sushi and Japanese cuisine, two of which have been translated into many languages. Her fourth book, which focuses on ramen recipes, is being released in June of this year. 

While Makiko’s work is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and cuisine, she remains grateful for England and the opportunities she’s had since moving here. The Coronation voucher for The Suzu House is her way of celebrating the King’s reign and also giving people a way to embrace the art of sushi making. 

Learn more about Makiko Sano’s culinary work, teachings and books at  https://makikosano.com/


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