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B2BTradeCard Support Children’s Air Ambulance with Generous Fundraising Commitment

Chorley-based incentive, loyalty and advertising services solutions provider B2BTradeCard will raise funds to cover 10 missions (£3,500 per mission) for Children’s Air Ambulance over the next 12 months., as part of a generous fundraising commitment.

Starting with an immediate cash donation of £3,500, further funds will be raised with planned activities such as sponsored events organised by the charity, as well as the company’s own events, including its annual golf day and members event at the AO Arena, and also by enabling customers to donate using loyalty points from B2BTradeCard’s loyalty solutions.

The Children’s Air Ambulance is a lifesaving transfer service for critically ill babies and children. Its helicopters complete journeys four times faster than those taken by road, reducing the risk of further complications and helping to save lives.

When a child is too sick to travel, it can also fly medical teams and bespoke equipment to them from across the UK, so that they can receive specialist treatment at their local hospital.

B2BTradeCard CEO Craig Parsons said: “We’re really pleased to have chosen Children’s Air Ambulance as our charity partner for the next year. It’s their tenth anniversary, so we decided a good goal would be to cover the cost of ten lifesaving missions.

“Two of our team, account managers Alex and Bex, have already signed up to abseil from Liverpool Cathedral in July and we’re looking to complete a number of further major team events going forwards, and to get our members involved too.

“We’re also baking each week, in turn, and also currently collecting all our old clothes together to donate. The team have collectively got right behind the idea and we’re confident of achieving our goal for such a fantastic charity partner, saving children’s lives across the country.”

For more information go to https://theairambulanceservice.org.uk/childrens-air-ambulance/ or www.b2btradecard.com.


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