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Women-Friendly Wellbeing App Launched by Scottish Entrepreneur

Starting out as just a handful of women in a local Facebook group during the Covid lockdown, Robyn Drummond has since expanded the reach of her fitness, nutritional and positive mental attitude to food advice, and is now reaching new heights with the launch of a user-friendly mobile app.

Thanks to the launch of an all-new mobile application, the sphere of influence of Robyn Drummond’s unique combination of fitness, nutrition and psychological support for women continues to grow. IOS and Android compatible, the Robyn Drummond Fitness app is available at Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

Aged just 24, but already an established coach by the outbreak of Covid-19, the pandemic forced Drummond – reluctantly – online. With a friend’s help she began teaching to a Facebook community of just 20 women local to her home in Fife, Scotland. But word of her engaging approach to helping women improve their health and increase their confidence spread rapidly. Soon more than 1,000 women were subscribing, leading to the launch of her own website. The development of the Robyn Drummond Fitness app adds greater convenience and the scope for adding more services.

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A Healthy Relationship with Food and Body Image:

With a growing community and rapidly expanding reach, Drummond’s app contains hundreds of pre-recorded workouts, nutritional guides, quick and unfussy recipes and education videos – all available on demand 24/7. Users can set their step goals, nutritional targets or chosen fitness programmes (E.g., improve fitness levels, 15-minute workouts, fat loss, tone up) and have it synced automatically to their app for their own exercise programme. There are routines for improving strength, cardiovascular, core, flexibility and mobility. Everything, in fact from someone who wants a high intensity workout, to getting toned, through pre-and-post natal routines, to workouts for women experiencing menopause and other seated routines for those with mobility struggles.

But it is in the nutritional tips and her more general advice about women’s relationship to food and dieting that sets the Robyn Drummond approach apart.

“A lot of our members are women aged between 30 and 55 who feel like they are carrying the weight of the world on their shoulders,” says Robyn Drummond. “They just want to eat healthily and quickly, but have tried every diet and are confused. Is it okay to eat after 8pm? Will I gain fat if I eat foods with fat in them? Are carbs good – or bad? There’s so much confusion – so we try to simplify things and debunk all these faddy ideas. It’s all about helping women develop a positive mindset when it comes to food and health and body image.

“It’s my mission to help women like themselves a little more,” continues Drummond. “That involves getting them a bit more active so they can enjoy life and not feel guilty about eating a bit of cake.”

The Robyn Drummond Fitness app integrates with health and fitness apps, such as Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, Chronometer etc. It is available on a subscription basis, for £14.99 a month.


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