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Drivers Warned Against Throwing Apples Out of the Window and More, at Risk of Hefty Fines

Drivers have been warned to not throw apple cores out of the window, amongst other common offences which could land them with hefty fines and penalties. 

Motoring experts at LeaseCar.uk are cautioning UK drivers that seemingly innocent driving acts could actually see them disqualified in extreme cases.

From flashing other vehicles to warn of speed cameras up ahead or getting angry behind the wheel, there are several surprising laws which can land motorists in hot water.

All of these driving acts can be seen out on UK roads daily, but more and more motorists are getting caught out by these Highway Code breaches. 

Tim Alcock from LeaseCar.uk said: “We’re all aware that we can receive a big fine for using our phones whilst driving, but many Brits are unaware that even holding a device which can connect to the internet will also land them extortionate fines – even if you’re not actively using your phone. 

“Another common driving act which could see you receive hefty penalties is smoking. Doing so whilst behind the wheel isn’t illegal in itself, but if you’re not careful, police can hand out on-the-spot fines for careless driving. It’s important to also note that smoking in the car with under 18s as passengers is against the law. 

“Make sure you’re wary of these more unusual common driving offences. Even though the majority of drivers would admit to breaking many of these laws, it is safe to say that most of us are completely unaware we can be fined or even disqualified from driving because of it.”

LeaseCar.uk have shared six common driving habits, which could result in a hefty penalty:

Throwing Out Apple Cores 

Drivers could be given an on-the-spot fine of up to £150 if caught throwing an old apple core out of the window. Although having a quick snack on the go is common for most drivers, throwing something outside can be classed as littering – even if the item is biodegradable or an animal comes along and eats it.


Although the act of smoking whilst driving itself is not illegal, motorists who are distracted behind the wheel whilst smoking could be fined £100 for careless driving with three points on their licence. It is against the law, however, to smoke in the car whilst carrying passengers under the age of 18 – this ban was introduced in 2015 to protect younger ones from second hand smoke. 


Most motorists can admit they are guilty of road rage, but getting excessively angry whilst driving may be classified as disorderly conduct – potentially resulting in hefty fines of up to £1000 for offensive hand gestures or verbal swearing. 

Driving with Pets 

Many drivers will happily travel around with their pets in the passenger seat, footwell or in the boot – but this could land them a £5000 fine. The Highway Code clearly states all animals must be suitably restrained, so as not to distract the driver. 

Flashing Headlights at Others

Flashing lights at vehicles in an attempt to warn others about speed cameras or police up ahead, is commonly seen on UK roads everyday. But this act could carry a penalty of £1000, as headlights should only be flashed by a driver to warn another driver of their presence.

Holding a Mobile Phone

Most drivers are aware that it is illegal to use and touch our mobile phones whilst behind the wheel, which comes with a fine of up to £1000 and a driving ban – but this law actually extends to even holding any device which can connect to the internet, even if not actually using it. 

To find out more about driving acts which could land you with a fine, head over to https://leasecar.uk/


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