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Yeni Raki Introduces the UK to a Unique Drinking Experience

Yeni Raki 1937, the world-renowned raki brand, has arrived in the UK, bringing its expertly crafted grape spirits with a British twist. Available on Amazon, Yeni Raki launches in the UK market with its exciting ‘It’s Time’ campaign and a range of signature cocktails.

To celebrate its UK launch, Yeni Raki has partnered with Hovarda for London’s Cocktails in the City event, featuring renowned DJs Viton, Derun, and Maia, along with special guests. Attendees can visit the Yeni Raki stand, participate in prize giveaways, and enjoy complimentary raki and mezze tastings.

With a 500-year history, Yeni Raki 1937 is a 45% aniseed-flavoured grape alcohol originating from Anatolia. Distilled from carefully selected grapes and raisins to produce suma, it is then redistilled with aniseed to create raki. Drinking raki is seen as a symbol of sharing, connecting, and friendship, best enjoyed with loved ones over mezze or in luxurious cocktails.

As part of its UK launch campaign, Yeni Raki will introduce a brand refresh and a selection of unique raki-infused cocktails. The partnership with Hovarda is the first of many collaborations planned for the summer, with Yeni Raki aiming to connect UK drinkers with the traditions and culture surrounding raki.

At Cocktails in the City, held from 6th to 8th July 2023, Yeni Raki will present three signature cocktails: the ‘Raki Elixir’ with pear and vanilla, the refreshing ‘Basil Sour Dem’ with cucumber and basil, and the tantalising ‘Chili Strawberry Infusion.’ Non-alcoholic options, such as the ‘Chili Strawberry Infusion Virgin,’ will also be available.

Guests can spin the ‘Spirit to Win It’ wheel for a chance to win exclusive prizes while enjoying Yeni Raki’s signature cocktails. Additionally, leaving a review on the Blade app will earn them a complimentary cocktail at Hovarda.

Attendees can also join the complimentary Raki and Mezze tastings to explore Yeni Raki’s rich history and discover the perfect food pairings. To continue the festivities, the afterparties at Hovarda, featuring renowned DJs, promise an unforgettable experience.

Yeni Raki aims to educate the UK about raki, promoting the idea that connection knows no borders, taste is universal, and experiences are everlasting. With food emerging as a cultural ambassador, Yeni Raki is on a mission to introduce the UK to this unique drinking experience.

Cocktails in the City is just the beginning, as Yeni Raki has many exciting events and collaborations planned for the summer. To purchase Yeni Raki, visit Amazon, and to get tickets for Cocktails in the City, visit www.cocktailsinthecity.co.uk. Stay updated by following @yenirakiglobal on social media and sharing your Yeni Raki experience using #YeniRakiTime.


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