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clipfeed Revolutionises Mobile Value-Added Services, Setting a New Standard in the Industry

clipfeed, a renowned leader in the world of esports and gaming, has revolutionised the Mobile Value-Added Services (VAS) landscape through its pioneering technology. By introducing transformative solutions, clipfeed empowers telcos, brands, and mobile advertisers to offer content services of exceptional value, enhancing user engagement and fostering unwavering loyalty.

Since its inception, clipfeed’s award-winning esports and gaming services have experienced successful deployments on every continent. In an era where ineffective services and platforms hinder the efforts of brands and operators to acquire, engage, and retain customers, clipfeed’s innovative approach signifies a seismic shift in the industry. By embracing cutting-edge technology, clipfeed enables telcos to venture into the rapidly growing esports market, opening up unprecedented opportunities for expansion.

The esports platforms provided by clipfeed have emerged as unrivalled leaders in the industry, delivering an array of groundbreaking capabilities:

Interactivity & Engagement: clipfeed empowers telcos and brands to promote and deliver highly interactive gaming services. With visually striking platforms that allow full customisation and branding, companies can implement territory-specific or global rollouts. Player-focused features provide an immersive gaming experience that captivates users.

Transformation: clipfeed has digitally transformed business processes to adapt to the evolving mobile VAS market. Leveraging its robust platform capabilities, the company seamlessly onboards customers and provides a cutting-edge user experience. The clipfeed esports offering has revolutionised the gaming space by incorporating rewards and digital items, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Customer Value: clipfeed takes the lead in all stages of the customer lifetime value process. From customer acquisition and tracking to upselling and beyond, the platform supports brands in enhancing exposure, awareness, and interactions. Clients benefit from an exceptional VAS experience that includes personalised rewards, gifts, vouchers, and in-platform messaging as part of a premium esports provision. Brands can leverage the gathered data to fine-tune strategies, optimise revenue streams, and drive continuous growth.

clipfeed’s unique and exciting features are transforming Mobile VAS offerings for telcos and brands worldwide. With its esports software, the company presents limitless possibilities for revenue maximisation, cost reduction, customer acquisition, and retention, heralding a new era of technological disruption and transformation.

As a leading global organisation in esports platforms, clipfeed offers an exceptional range of cutting-edge solutions that break new ground in the industry.

About clipfeed:

clipfeed is a global gaming and esports entertainment company that powers esports communities with its award-winning technology.

clipfeed provides world-class gaming and esports entertainment to hundreds of millions of consumers, working with telecom operators, DTH, ISP, and OEM partners to deliver innovative and engaging content destinations for their gamer base.


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