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Innovative Football Event Champions Men’s Mental Health Awareness

The MABA Group, a social enterprise based in London, has unveiled a new initiative designed to address the mental health crisis among men, highlighted by stark statistics from The Samaritans showing that men are three times more likely to commit suicide than women. This innovative initiative, ‘What’s Ur Story (Mental Health)’, is set to launch on June 15, 2024, the day before Father’s Day, aiming to connect men across different generations in a supportive and understanding environment through the universal appeal of football.

The event combines friendly football matches with talks led by experts from the MABA Group, which is known for its work in supporting young people through sport, education, and music.

Jean-Terach Bavangila, the mentor and CEO of The MABA Group, highlighted the goals of the event: “The main objective of our What’s Ur Story (Mental Health) event is to challenge the stigmas around men’s mental health. Men just don’t share about their problems which can lead to mental health issues and sadly suicide in some cases. We want to show men there is a way to thrive.”

He further explained, “This series of events also aims to bridge the gap between different generations and groups, emphasising the importance of intergenerational dialogue and understanding. By bringing together individuals from diverse age groups, backgrounds, and experiences, the initiative seeks to demonstrate that no one is alone in their struggles and challenges.”

The day is structured to foster a supportive community, providing a safe space for men to express their stories and concerns while being met with understanding and empathy. This not only strengthens a sense of community but also empowers attendees to face life’s challenges more resiliently.

Targeting both younger and older men, the initiative promotes empathy, understanding, and shared learning, thereby enhancing the well-being and connectedness of all participants.

The inaugural ‘What’s Ur Story (Mental Health)’ event will take place at the Phoenix Centre. Due to overwhelming demand, spaces are limited, but men are encouraged to register for future events by contacting The MABA Group at [email protected].


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