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Revealed: Regions in the UK Most Affected by Asbestos

A new set of data from Asbestos Sampling has pinpointed where in the UK asbestos is most prevalent. This analysis, based on 5,338 samples collected in 2023 via the firm’s testing kits, found homes in the East of England to be the region with the highest incidence of asbestos in residential areas.

The data shows that 38% of the samples from the East of England tested positive for asbestos, well above the UK average of 30%. This was closely followed by the South East and South West, both at 36%, and Wales at 34%. In contrast, Northern Ireland displayed the lowest prevalence, with a mere 13% of samples testing positive. The East Midlands reported a 21% positive rate.

The range of sampled materials included Artex, cement pipes, roofing, and floor tiles. Among these, cement roofing materials were most frequently found to contain asbestos, with a positive rate of 64%. Cement pipes and floor tiles also showed significant rates of 57% and 43%, respectively. Insulation materials presented the lowest risk, with only 2% of samples indicating asbestos presence.

Stephen Roche, Co-founder of Asbestos Sampling, remarked:

“Our analysis of materials tested for asbestos during 2023 shows significant regional variations, with the East of England emerging as the region most likely to have asbestos present. That said, asbestos remains a concern for the health of individuals up and down the UK, serving as a stark reminder of the need to be vigilant for its presence. We would encourage anyone due to undertake work on a property which could contain asbestos to get an asbestos survey carried out before that work commences.”

Tom Yates, Co-founder, added:

“We are unsure of the reason behind the regional variations. The data being presented in our findings is restricted to samples submitted to us and may not be an accurate representation of the whole industry. As such, assumptions should never be made with materials which could contain asbestos, regardless of which region they are found – Always have suspect materials tested before working on them”

Explore more details by visiting https://www.asbestos-sampling.com/blogs/articles/asbestos-testing-insights-2023.


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