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Orange County CBD Secures Esteemed BRC Certification

Orange County, a notable name in the health and wellness supplement industry, is pleased to announce its attainment of the BRC (Brand Reputation Through Compliance) Global Standard for Food Safety certification. This prestigious accolade highlights the company’s unwavering commitment to excellence, safety, and quality, making Orange County the only CBD manufacturer with its own in-house label to receive this certification.

The BRC Global Standard, acknowledged by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), serves as a benchmark for food safety and quality. It sets forth rigorous standards ensuring products are safe, legal, and of high quality. Achieving BRC certification involves a thorough audit process that evaluates supplier management, production processes, and hygiene practices.

With this certification, Orange County gains several significant benefits:

Enhanced Trust and Credibility: BRC certification enhances consumer confidence. Customers can trust that Orange County’s products meet the highest safety and quality standards, which is crucial in the health and wellness industry.

Market Access and Expansion: Many leading retailers and distributors prefer or require BRC certification. This certification paves the way for new opportunities for Orange County, facilitating market entry and strengthening its market position.

Operational Excellence: The certification process refines internal processes, promoting a culture of continuous improvement and adherence to best practices, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency.

Risk Management: Complying with BRC standards helps Orange County identify and manage potential risks, reducing the likelihood of product recalls, legal issues, and reputational harm.

In the UK, only the top companies in the food, beverage, and health supplement sectors are BRC certified. These companies meet high consumer and regulatory expectations. BRC certification is vital due to the direct impact of products on consumer health and wellbeing.

With approximately only 20,000 firms globally certified under BRC standards, the certification stands as a key differentiator in the market. It underscores a company’s dedication to stringent safety and quality measures, essential for building long-term trust and loyalty among health-conscious consumers.

BRC certification marks a significant milestone for Orange County. The company plans to leverage this certification to broaden its product range and reach new customer segments. It also positions the company favourably in negotiations with major retailers, potentially increasing shelf space and sales.


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