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Scouty Revolutionises Visual Content Creation

Scouty, an innovative platform in visual content creation, is revolutionising the industry by making top-tier shoot locations and essential production tools accessible to all. From 11th June 2024, Scouty will expand its offerings to include a comprehensive range of essential shoot-related supplies, simplifying the production process for creatives worldwide.

The landscape of visual content creation is changing rapidly. Once dominated by big-budget, large-scale production teams and their exclusive networks, the industry has experienced a profound cultural shift. With an unprecedented amount of visual content being produced, smaller teams must work faster to meet the demands of a content-driven world without sacrificing quality. Modern creative teams and individuals now thrive on the ability to streamline traditional production processes, a transformation championed by Scouty.

Since its launch in 2020, Scouty has been a driving force in the evolution of visual content creation, dedicated to empowering a global community of creatives by removing barriers to access and fostering an inclusive industry. This shift has been driven by providing tools that mirror recent industry changes; initially, access to unique shoot locations, and now, further refining production processes to enable all creators to bring even their most ambitious ideas to life.

Trusted by leading brands like Universal Music, the BBC, Object & Animal, Harper’s Bazaar, Gymshark, Huel, and numerous YouTubers, Scouty believes that creatives from all backgrounds should have the opportunity to create to the best of their abilities, not just those with substantial financial backing. Achieving this goal is rooted in an inherent understanding of modern content creation’s need for stress-free production with high-quality results and consistent success. Scouty has democratised the tools necessary to achieve this, allowing all creatives to add significant value to their work without relying on extensive industry networks, large budgets, or additional time constraints.

As a marketplace for visual content creators, Scouty has transformed access to premium shoot locations. Whether it’s a naturally lit minimalist home, a private jet, an industrial nightclub, or a 19th-century manor house, Scouty offers it all—and more.

Starting 11th June 2024, Scouty will enhance its offerings, further simplifying the production process with a wide array of essential shoot-related supplies. Covering all bases, the platform will provide props, as well as equipment including cameras, lighting, microphones, headsets, and more. Essentially, it becomes a one-stop shop for content creation.

By stripping down the production process to ensure teams and individuals can optimise their output and significantly improve time management, this expansion marks the next step in the evolution of content creation; driven by creatives, for creatives.

“Scouty’s mission has always been to break down barriers and democratise access for visual content creation,” said Ryan Gannon and Nicolas Doeser, Scouty Co-Founders. “With the launch of our new services, we’re taking a significant step forward in ensuring that every creator, regardless of their budget or network, can bring their most ambitious ideas to life. By streamlining the production process and providing access to essential equipment and props, we’re empowering a global community to produce high-quality content more efficiently and effectively.”


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