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Royal Collaboration: Bespoke British Wool Bedding Unveiled by Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Co. in Partnership with Devon Duvets

Renowned Royal Warrant Holder – Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company, with an unwavering commitment to bolster local farmers and fortify sustainability, embarks on a dynamic collaboration with Devon Duvets to forge an exclusive and groundbreaking collection.

Amanda Oldfield, the visionary behind Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company, established this familial enterprise over two decades ago. Nestled within the expanse of the Sandringham Estate in Norfolk, the company arose from her realisation that discerning furniture choices are paramount in furnishing one’s home.

Distinguished as a Carbon Neutral entity and a steadfast Made in Britain constituent, the business’s ethos revolves around sustainability, championing local farmers, and meticulously handcrafting products from 100% British-originating raw materials. A determined course led them to the decision to intensify their ecological aspirations by dissociating from external suppliers and instead nurturing an in-house team of artisans, utilizing locally sourced components.

This holistic endeavor gains prominence ahead of their upcoming collection of meticulously handcrafted bedding, poised for launch in September. A logical extension of their well-received Sandringham Wool range introduced in April 2023, this forthcoming line extends the legacy of authenticity and traceability that garnered acclaim.

Leveraging a partnership with the Sandringham Estate, the limited wool mattress assortment forges a tangible link to the very farms of Sandringham, tracing back to individual bales of wool. Collaborating alongside the esteemed Made in Britain member Devon Duvets, the united team endeavors to augment the Sandringham Wool Collection with a novel selection of wool bedding, notable for its absolute traceability.

However, the selection of Devon Duvets for this exclusive venture was no random choice. Amanda Oldfield elucidated, “Our journey at Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company has revolved around authenticity, transparency, and craftsmanship of the highest echelon. Sourcing indigenous materials has been pivotal in our narrative of minimising ecological impact. To remain steadfast in our convictions, we sought a British partner sharing analogous values. The synergy between our two family-run enterprises was truly remarkable. Our association with Devon Duvets was an organic evolution, driven by their exceptional handcrafted approach in their Devon workshops. The convergence of our shared membership within the esteemed Made in Britain association underscores our commitment to authentic British craftsmanship and ensures customers of the genuine provenance of our creations.”

Pauline Beijen, Co-Founder and Director of Devon Duvets, echoed the sentiment of shared enthusiasm and the alignment of values. “Devon Duvets was born from our unwavering resolve to support British sheep farmers, championing their interests in a market grappling with fair pricing. Employing British wool and eschewing chemical-laden processes, we unfailingly adhere to the tenets of British manufacturing. Our bespoke products, meticulously crafted by our seasoned seamstresses in Devon, encapsulate the essence of British-made. The prospect of collaborating with Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company, who mirror our dedication to sustainability, ethical sourcing, and craftsmanship, is a source of immense delight. This symbiotic partnership has the potential to illuminate the legacy of British wool, renowned for its quality for centuries.”

British wool farmers currently grapple with unprecedented challenges, a confluence of heightened demand for British wool fleece coupled with economic and environmental impediments. Wrought Iron Brass Bed Company and Devon Duvets envision a transformative trend, harnessing British farms as a sustainable resource. By propagating the adoption of local suppliers, they champion the ethos upheld by Made in Britain, which brings together a community of nearly 2,000 SME manufacturers under the aegis of the iconic Made in Britain mark, an emblem synonymous with authentic British origin.

John Pearce, CEO of Made in Britain, warmly embraced the alliance between these esteemed members. “This collaboration between two pioneering British brands marks a leap forward in sustainable home and living sector manufacturing. Wrought Iron Brass Bed Company, animated by their ethical convictions and environmental consciousness, embarked on a quest for a British bedding brand that shared their ethos of domestic production. In Devon Duvets, they found the perfect match. Every holder of the Made in Britain mark undergoes rigorous verification, assuring businesses and consumers alike that the product bears the hallmark of authentic British manufacturing,” noted Made in Britain CEO John Pearce.

Scheduled to make its grand debut in late September 2023, this captivating expansion of the venerable Sandringham Collection by Wrought Iron and Brass Bed Company is a harmonious union with fellow Made in Britain stalwart, Devon Duvets. This extraordinary collaboration invites patrons to luxuriate in the embrace of genuinely British wool bedding, ensconced within the legacy of authentic craftsmanship. Stay tuned for updates on the eagerly awaited Sandringham Wool Bedding Collection.


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