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NBB Recycled Furniture Initiates Express Delivery Service: Customers Can Receive Sustainable Furniture Within a Week

NBB Recycled Furniture, a leading provider of environmentally friendly outdoor furniture, is excited to announce the introduction of their new Express Delivery service for a selection of their popular products. This new offering enables customers to receive their sustainable furniture within just one week of placing their order, providing convenience and efficiency in their shopping experience.

Recognising the importance of time for their customers, NBB Recycled Furniture has introduced the Express Delivery service on their best-selling items to ensure swift delivery of their 100% recycled plastic products. With this service, customers can enjoy the convenience of receiving their desired furniture promptly while upholding principles of sustainability and environmental consciousness.

What sets NBB Recycled Furniture’s Express Delivery service apart is that all products are manufactured in-house in Dorset. As proud members of Made in Britain, NBB Recycled Furniture is part of the esteemed British manufacturing community. By displaying the registered collective mark on various ranges produced in Dorset, NBB Recycled Furniture showcases their commitment to crafting high-quality furniture made in Britain. This membership reinforces their dedication to supporting local manufacturing, promoting British craftsmanship, and delivering excellence in every piece of furniture.

One of the key advantages of the Express Delivery service is its transparent pricing. When browsing the express delivery range, customers can be assured that the price they see is the price they pay. There are no hidden fees or surprises at checkout. NBB Recycled Furniture believes in providing an exceptional shopping experience, which includes upfront and honest pricing.

Rhianon Gwyther, NBB Recycled Furniture Trading Manager, expressed enthusiasm about the introduction of the Express Delivery service, emphasising the convenience it brings to customers who can now receive their sustainable furniture within a week. Gwyther highlighted the company’s understanding of the value of time and their commitment to ensuring prompt product delivery without compromising on quality or sustainability.

For more information about NBB Recycled Furniture and their extensive range of eco-friendly products, please visit their website.


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