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Celebrate Community and Sustainability at the Inaugural ‘In a Field by a Bridge’ Festival this July

A new and exciting festival called ‘In a Field by a Bridge’ is set to launch this July, offering a unique backdrop for a weekend of festivities. Located in a community park beside an international landmark, this festival aims to inspire sustainable living and celebrate community action.

Taking place on Saturday 22nd and Sunday 23rd July, ‘In a Field by a Bridge’ will showcase the incredible London landmarks alongside the cityscape, nature, and the majestic River Thames. It celebrates the vibrant offerings of Potters Fields Park and the London Bridge neighbourhood, combining green spaces, rich history, remarkable architecture, a diverse resident community, and thriving businesses. This district is recognised as one of the most culturally innovative, sustainable, and exciting areas in London.

The festival serves as a platform to showcase London Bridge as a leading environmentally-focused business district. It highlights the district’s commitment to transitioning to a carbon-neutral economy, promoting low-impact living, and fostering healthy lifestyles. The impact of this festival on the local community is expected to create positive social and economic benefits that extend beyond the launch weekend.

For several years, the London Bridge community has been actively addressing global challenges through local commitments. Aligned with the ambitious goals of Southwark Council and the Mayor of London, local businesses have pledged to become carbon neutral by 2030 and significantly reduce their annual carbon emissions of 130,000 tonnes. ‘In a Field by a Bridge’ will showcase various ways in which individuals and communities can collectively and individually decarbonise and incorporate new ideas for low-carbon living into their daily routines.

Ellie Beedham, Director of Arts at Team London Bridge, expresses her excitement about the festival: “In a Field by a Bridge will mark the start of the summer for many of us. Alongside HemingwayDesign, we have curated two days of riverside festivities for the curious, creative, and conscientious who also just like to have a really good time! Everything has been planned with sustainability in mind.”

The festival aims to enable and encourage education and action on greener living through creative programming. Attendees can look forward to an incredible lineup of live performances, interactive workshops, film screenings, architectural tours, activities for the whole family, and more.

Highlights from the festival’s programme include conversations between Keith Brymer Jones and Wayne Hemingway, who will discuss the pottery production history of Potters Fields, along with their shared experiences in music, iconic London nightclubs, and building creative businesses. The festival will also feature Andrew Logan’s new mirrored artworks, ‘The Pollinators’, as part of a joyful parade. Andrew will present a procession of new artworks created using recycled and reimagined materials, alongside a colorful collection of wearable art pieces available for purchase.

Additionally, the festival will host talks, debates, and roundtables co-curated with London National Park City. Topics will include nature-based social prescribing, urban gardening, community intervention projects, and the hidden power of nature’s misfits. Visitors can also participate in a mass clay workshop by Clayground Collective, enjoy a community cookout called ‘Feast in a Field’ by social enterprise Beyond Food, and experience the unique melodies of the London Vegetable Orchestra.

‘In a Field by a Bridge’ promises to be a vibrant and inclusive festival that promotes sustainable living and community engagement. With its diverse programming, it aims to inspire individuals to adopt greener lifestyles and contribute to a more sustainable future.


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