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Supporting Quality Assurance for Customers: SML Receives ARC Quality Certification

SML Group, a leading global provider of digital ID and label solutions, is proud to announce that it has been awarded the 2023 Auburn Radio Compliance (ARC) Quality Certification. This prestigious certification reaffirms SML’s commitment to delivering the highest standards of quality assurance to its customers and further accelerates the adoption of item-level RFID technology across various industries.

The certification is granted by the RFID Lab at Auburn University, a renowned independent organisation recognised for its expertise in benchmarking and certifying RFID inlays and tags. SML has been working closely with Auburn’s RFID Lab for over a decade, and more than 40 of SML’s inlay models have received approval, establishing SML as one of the leading industry players in the design and manufacturing of superior RFID inlays.

SML’s active involvement in the RFID Lab includes serving as a board member on the advisory board since 2016. By engaging in the organisation’s initiatives aimed at enhancing performance, quality, and business value in the RFID industry, SML has consistently demonstrated its commitment to driving innovation and excellence.

With the 2023 ARC Quality certification, SML strengthens its position as a trusted provider of exceptional RFID inlays and solutions, catering to retailers and industries venturing into RFID technology. The certification instills confidence in SML’s customers, assuring them of the reliability and dependability of its RFID inlays and tags. As RFID technology continues to gain momentum across sectors, SML is well-equipped to meet the growing demand and deliver premium solutions through its global network of over 20 service bureaus. This network streamlines logistics, reduces lead times, and supports SML’s sustainability initiatives.

Ignatius K.C. Lau, CEO of SML Group, expresses his gratitude for receiving the certification, emphasising SML’s unwavering commitment to innovation and quality assurance. He states, “This certification is a testament to our dedication to driving innovation and ensuring the highest quality standards for our customers. From our in-house inlays and tags to cutting-edge software, SML offers a comprehensive RFID ecosystem that enables us to provide reliable encoded RFID tags tailored to our customers’ specific needs. We will continue to serve our customers with even greater efficiency as item-level RFID technology enters its next phase of growth.”

As the second-largest provider of encoded RFID tags by volume, SML has already produced over 12 billion tags and achieved remarkable success with its Clarity® platform, managing over 475 million RFID reads in a single week.

For those interested in learning more about or purchasing SML’s high-quality RFID tags and inlays, please feel free to contact us directly. Additionally, for more detailed information, please visit our ARC-certified inlay portfolio.


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