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What is the Best Cooking Equipment for a Busy Cook?

As life goes on, people are struggling to fit into their busy schedules to make time to prepare meals that are healthy and tasty. Busy individuals require proper cooking utensils in order to prepare meals in a way with ease and efficiency. It is for this reason that the best cooking tools make one’s work easier, are versatile when it comes to cooking different dishes, and are very easy to handle. Whether you are a home chef with a busy work schedule or under pressure to spend less time in the kitchen, choosing the right appliances should be your goal. From smart watches to kettles, here are the essential cooking equipment recommendations that any working cook should really be using.

Instant Pot

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Split into pressure cooking, slow cooking, rice cooking, steaming, browning, and even a proper yogurt maker. It cuts on the time taken to prepare meals that normally take a long time such as stews, soups, and even braised meats. It is also an appliance in disguise because this cooker can perform several functions similar to other appliances, and they are worth adding to the kitchen. This makes it a popular meal among busy cooks who wish to prepare tasty meals that require relatively short time and hours in the kitchen.

Air Fryer

Originally, an air fryer was a kitchen appliance that cooks food with the use of hot air and is advantageous in shorter preps with healthier cooking times. This appliance is known for preparing food with minimal to no oil, thus making it suitable for working people who don’t have time to deep fry their foods. Whether it’s French fries, chicken wings, or roasted vegetables, the air fryer is capable of producing that same kind of crust or crunch in a healthier way free from the usual calories or fuss that comes with frying. The fact that it doesn’t take much time to cook food and the utensils are easy to clean then becomes a selling point for those who would love to fry their foods, like, fried foods without this hassle of having to deal with deep fryers regularly.

High-Quality Chef’s Knife

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Even with the smallest vegetable, the use of a sharp knife is much faster than using a blunt flat wide knife. It is, however, important to note that acquiring a quality knife will help in cutting foods easily within the shortest time possible. Chef’s knife not only sharpens precision and control of a professional cook but also decreases the effort, required to perform different cutting movements with a definite superior effect. Staples for any kitchen, especially for a working cook, can be considered a good chef’s knife; it truly helps in reducing the amount of time spent on preparing meals and therefore makes cooking more of a pleasure.

Food Processor

The use of a food processor can range to chop, slice, shred and knead dough at very high speeds. For example, its versatility makes it a great tool for chopping large volumes of food in a short span of time. With a food processor, you can chop veggies and nuts for salsa, shred cheese for casseroles, or mix dough for cookies or pastas within a short period rather than taking considerable amount of time. Due to its compatibility with large portions of food which it processes as required, makes it a critical tool for chefs or anyone preparing to cook large portions of food.


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A high-speed blender can blend smoothies, soups, sauces, and even batters etc. in under a half-cup. A good blender means that it can be the appliance for making smoothies, milkshakes, pureeing foods, chopping nuts, ice crushing, etc. For mélange of vegetables to prepare smoothies, soups; to whisk pancake mix or prepare dips, this useful kitchen appliance is essential for any cook. This results in fast preparation of foods and this appliance gets to handle a multitude of recipes in a very easy and swift process.

Non-Stick Skillet

A good non-stick skillet is crucial when cooking for a short time and will provide easy cleanup. This is ideal as a tray for cooking eggs, pancakes, stir-fries, and any other meal of your choice. The non-stick surface will make it easier for food to easily release thus require less oil for baking and an added feature of ease in washing. For the rushed kitchen help, the non-stick skillet is a wonder, as this makes cooking different dishes simple and stress free so that the delight of cooking never vanishes.

Sheet Pans

Anything from stir-fries to casseroles, these dishes are perfect for one cooking-dish-and-done kind of meals. That’s why, you might be surprised to learn that you can roast your vegetables, bake chicken, and more right on one sheet pan to save the time on both, cooking and cleaning. Sheet pans are great for any working persons that want to have easy, quick and easy clean meals without so much fuss. Such flat surfaced utensils enable uniform heating an d cookery and the possibility of cooking different portions of food at once – it speeds up meal preparation.


Just in case you do not have one, then you need to understand how you could function as a cook without the help of a microwave; for quick reheating, defrosting, as well as some forms of cooking. For instance, it eliminates the time and efforts which one can use to heat the leftovers or cook quick microwave meals or even defrost the food in a microwave directly from the freezer. A microwave can be a crucial household appliance that is utilized regularly in the preparation of quick and speedy meals.

Slow Cooker

Cooking it at a very low temperature enables you to go about your other business as the cooker does the work. Just as you wouldn’t mind having to watch a meal you have started in the morning, to be ready for dinner later, this can be achieved. Ideal when you have a tight schedule for the day, slow cookers are best suited for soups, stews, and casseroles among others dishes. It allows you to cook great and healthy meals which resemble those cooked by your mother or another close person, while you do other things and only occasionally remember that there is a meal which is being cooked in another room and soon will be ready.

Programmable Coffee Maker

This comes handy for those of us who require our coffee in the morning as soon as possible, a programmed coffee maker can be prepped and waiting to brew your coffee as soon as you wake up. How about this, just program the electric razor in the evening, and enjoy a cup of coffee with the aroma of home cooked food in the morning. This convenience cannot be overemphasized especially in the morning when one needs to be on early, it calls for a hassle-free preparation in the morning.


There is wide variety of equipment that need to be put into kitchen that can greatly transform cooking for the busy agent. Essentials such as the instant pot, air fryers, and professional chef’s knife for chopping enhance the usability of preparing meals while other appliances like food processors, blenders, and non-stick skillet helps to enhance the usability of preparing foods. Items such as sheet pans, microwaves, and slow cookers are also convenient not only for cooking but for washing, and help in giving you easily nutritious foods. Also, most coffee makers are programmable; therefore preparing coffee in the morning does not have to be a problem. So, here are the tools, without which no kitchen is ready for a busy week – here, you buy your way to a stress-free evening of preparing delicious food.


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