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Tripleseat Releases Comprehensive Event Management Guide for Venues This Summer

New research unveils data from a survey of 150 UK hospitality operators and insights from event planner focus groups.

Tripleseat, the leading innovator in cloud-based sales and event management software for the hospitality industry, introduces its Ultimate Event Management Guide June 2024. This guide features insightful commissioned research on the significance of venues utilising event management software to increase seasonal bookings, which are vital for optimising business and revenue growth.

The research, conducted by KAM, an independent hospitality insight agency, surveyed 150 restaurants, pubs, hotels, and other venues of various sizes across the UK. The survey revealed that 60% of UK hospitality operators consider large bookings and events crucial to their business and provided data on the priority software features that would benefit their operations.

“Venues can maximise event bookings in the summer months to fill seasonal outdoor spaces and take advantage of major cultural and sporting events like the 2024 Olympics, Wimbledon, and cheering on the home nations at the Euros,” comments John Karemy, Marketing Manager of Tripleseat UK. “Using an event management tool like Tripleseat is an excellent strategy to book and manage seasonal large parties that offer significant revenue potential.”

The research indicated that 34% of restaurants and 39% of pubs surveyed do not use software booking platforms. As a result, they miss out on beneficial features like a shared calendar that can improve internal workflow, eliminate booking conflicts, and maximise event space usage while ensuring clear and transparent logistics.

In a recent focus group of event planners conducted by KAM, participants expressed frustration over slow communication, delayed responses, and being passed between multiple contacts, which inspired a lack of confidence. Hidden costs potentially affecting the final budget also added to frustrations and highlighted the need for transparent and itemised cost breakdowns from venues.

The survey revealed that operators also seek specific solutions in a booking system, and Tripleseat meets all their needs. Operators emphasised the importance of speedy responses to inquiries with professionally branded documents and having all documents—such as function sheets, proposals, and contracts—housed in one system. Additionally, Tripleseat’s cloud-based software enables all team members to communicate and update bookings in real-time from any device on a single platform. The payment portal also facilitates prompt and reliable payment by issuing VAT invoices and receipts.

Karemy continues: “Using a platform like Tripleseat can streamline the event booking and management process, dramatically improving the bottom line of hospitality venues and increasing new booking sales by 30% or more, creating a steady revenue stream while ensuring a positive guest experience to build long-term repeat business.”

Operators surveyed noted the importance of collating and housing pre-orders, with 50% stating that reducing food waste is a priority. Dietary requirements have also become more prominent, and Tripleseat addresses both of these issues by offering functionality to designate dietary requests, even allowing guests to share this information via link or online portal.

The research showed that 73% of operators currently keep track of events or bookings using a software or booking platform, while 33% still track event bookings the old-fashioned way with paper and pen. This indicates a trend towards more establishments trusting software technology to improve event management and streamline the planning process, allowing hospitality professionals more time to deliver truly great guest experiences.

Karemy concludes: “Tripleseat’s easy-to-navigate software is a game-changer for many hospitality venues, and we’re thrilled to offer event management technology that makes teams more efficient, decreases workload, and offers unparalleled reporting functionalities and customer service all in one platform.”

To learn more about Tripleseat, or to book a free demo, please visit: https://tripleseat.com/.


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