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EHR Systems’ High Expectations Hindered by Lack of IT Support

Despite the substantial investments in Electronic Health Records (EHR) technology by healthcare providers, the growing global adoption rate of 13.53% per annum alone isn’t sufficient to tackle the critical challenges of staff shortages, patient care, or clinician burnout. The implementation of EHRs, which was intended to streamline healthcare services, is ironically becoming a source of burnout for many clinicians.

Moreover, with the evolving needs of patients and the expansion of healthcare organisations, a significant 70% of users believe their current EHR systems will fall short in meeting future requirements. This situation underscores the urgent need for robust IT support to ensure the effective functioning of EHR systems.

The IT skills gap poses a significant challenge, with 37% of organisations experiencing project delays or cancellations due to a lack of IT expertise. Further complicating the issue, 86% of organisations find recruiting and retaining IT/tech talent exceedingly difficult.

Addressing this critical need, MediConfig, a new EHR consultancy, has been launched to assist both UK and US healthcare organisations and their IT teams. Offering services on a retained or project basis, MediConfig’s consultants, with 17 years of expertise in Cerner Millennium, provide comprehensive support including onboarding, training, troubleshooting, maintenance, and advanced configurations.

Etienne Boshoff, Managing Director of MediConfig, emphasises the importance of effective EHR implementation, stating, “Getting EHR implementation right is key to making big changes in healthcare. And to make sure these systems work well, fit your specific needs, and continue to evolve as your organisation does, you need strong IT support in place. Without it, the problems you’re trying to solve – such as burnout, staff shortages, and disjointed patient care – will only be exacerbated.”

Research from a JMIR Medical study reinforces this viewpoint, highlighting that the return on investment from EHR systems is maximised only when paired with significant IT support.

MediConfig, in celebration of its launch, is offering complimentary introductory meetings to address Cerner EHR issues.

For further details about MediConfig, please visit https://mediconfig.com.


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