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Swype® Shines in Yorkshire with 40% Growth Amid Market Challenges

Swype®, a top-tier design and marketing agency in Yorkshire, has defied industry challenges by achieving a remarkable 40% growth over 18 months. This period has witnessed a surge in their turnover, an expansion in their customer base, growth in team size, and a move to a new high-profile office in Leeds, while maintaining their presence in Sheffield.

The firm has been lauded with several awards, including the Clutch Global 1000 B2B Leaders, DNA Paris Design Awards 2023, the Global Web Excellence Awards 2023, and being recognised as Yorkshire Prestige’s Branding Agency of the Year 2023/24. They have also been ranked in the Clutch Top 100 for SEO and Creative Agencies in the UK.

Founder and Head of Digital, Wesley Ashton Holmes, said: “It’s been a challenging period for us but ultimately generating growth, enhancing our reputation and delivering an unbeatable service is what Swype® stands for.” The agency’s broad service offerings and their method of delivery are key attractions for companies seeking Wesley and his team’s expertise.

Swype® stands out with its team of creatives and digital marketing professionals specialising in Branding, Websites, and Digital Marketing. Their integrated approach ensures that projects are aligned with clients’ objectives, avoiding the disjointed results often seen with competitors.

Managed directly by Wesley, client interactions are tailored and collaborative, allowing for customer involvement in shaping strategies and outcomes.

The agency prioritises results, focusing on the impact of their work on clients’ businesses. This includes impressive returns from marketing campaigns and Google Ads.

Always evolving, Swype® ensures that strategies remain dynamic and responsive to clients’ changing aspirations and market conditions. Their diverse client portfolio across various sectors reflects the agency’s growing acclaim.

Wesley attributes this success to hard work and a unique, customer-focused approach. Swype® excels in specific areas, including Branding, Websites, SEO, and Paid Marketing, rather than offering a broad but less specialised range.

Founded by Wesley Ashton Holmes at just 25 years old, Swype® has grown both in creativity and commercial success. Wesley’s qualifications from Sheffield Hallam University and the Digital Marketing Institute have contributed to this success.

The diverse talents and customer-centric philosophy of the team have been instrumental in taking Swype® to greater heights. With a strong business pipeline and initiatives like the £1500 grant for start-ups, the future is promising. Plans for a new London office and a US expansion to support their growing international client base, including a UK teeth whitening brand planning a US venture in 2024, are in the pipeline. To apply, contact the team on their website or email directly.


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