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VirtualSignature-ID Unveils Innovative Qualified eWitnessing Solution Supported by GBG

  • Pioneering the market with its revolutionary eSignature-ID solution, VirtualSignature-ID is introducing a re-verifiable method for electronic document signing and automatic eWitnessing.
  • Offering unmatched identity and eSignature verification, the solution sets new standards in accuracy and reliability.
  • In line with HMLR guidelines, this advancement eliminates the necessity of a physical witness during electronic document signing.
  • As a Government-approved ID Service Provider (IDSP) and backed by a Qualified Trust Provider (QTSP), VirtualSignature-ID now acts as the digital witness for document signing.
  • GBG, a global leader in digital identity expertise, supports this breakthrough.
  • The solution is currently available, with a special launch promotion at this month’s LegalEx London.

VirtualSignature-ID, a frontrunner in regulatory technology for eSignature and ID verification, assists professional services, financial institutions, and various commercial organisations in maintaining compliance and minimising risk. Its innovative Qualified Electronic Signature solution, featuring reusable and re-verifiable ID, automated eWitnessing, and document certification technology, debuts at LegalEx 2023.

The Government’s initiative to curb fraud through digital KYC and AML checks has led VirtualSignature-ID to develop a sophisticated document signing platform and mobile app. This technology integrates seamlessly into existing case or document management systems and enhances workflow processes.

Recognised by HMLR, Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) are considered the gold standard in e-signatures, offering conveyancers a “Safe Harbour”. The QES application process strictly verifies signatories’ identities, including NFC technology for ePassport verification. VirtualSignature-ID’s app complements this process, enabling 3D video selfies and ID document scanning. The multiple layers of technology employed by VirtualSignature-ID, including geo-location and anti-tamper features, ensure a high level of accuracy and fraud detection, making it a reliable virtual witness.

David Kern, CEO of VirtualSignature-ID, commented on their Gateway partnership with HMLR: “we have been in dialogue with HMLR registrars and are delighted to have received confirmation that “a solicitor does not need to be separately registered with HMLR to deal with transactions which meet HMLR’s Digital Identity Standard”, indicating a move beyond the pilot scheme.

In its search for top-notch identity verification and fraud prevention software, VirtualSignature-ID partnered with GBG. CEO David Kern remarked, “We have been working with GBG for some time. They have over 30 years of experience in location intelligence, identity verification and fraud prevention and are widely recognised and respected in their field.”

Boris Huard, Managing Director, Identity and Fraud at GBG, shared, “At GBG, it’s our mission to build trust in a digital world and our partnership with VirtualSignature-ID, is another example of how, together, we are helping everyone to transact online with confidence.”

VirtualSignature-ID, listed on the Gov.UK as an approved Identity Service Provider and supported by Quality Trust Service Provider Globalsign, is showcasing its eWitnessing solution at LegalEx London, stand 351, on 29th and 30th November.

For more details about VirtualSignature-ID’s eWitnessing and other solutions, visit www.virtualsignature.com.


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