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Combining Technology and Tradition: Muslim Marriage Services’ Unique Approach to Matrimony

In London, Hajji Laird Mostafa has launched Muslim Marriage Services (MMS), a platform addressing the modern challenges of Muslim matrimony with a blend of technology and traditional values. Utilising secure Digital ID technology, MMS aims to facilitate trustworthy matrimonial connections for Muslims globally.

Highlighting the platform’s mission, Hajji Mostafa said, “Worldwide, there are two billion Muslims, and around 300-400 million are single and keen to marry. We want to make it easier for them.” This statement underscores the need for innovative solutions in the face of rising divorce rates and online fraud within the Muslim community.

Some challenges are universal, such as online fraud. That and a 42% divorce rate for Muslims in the UK and 31% amongst North American Muslim communities contribute to added shame and stigma for many individuals involved – and often their families. Finding another partner after a failed marriage can also be contentious.

MMS focuses on students and young professionals, offering a secure online community unique in its use of Extended Validation Site Security Certification. “We are here to help Muslims find love built on trust and digital security. That’s why MMS is the only matrimonial service on the planet to use Extended Validation Site Security Certification,” explained Hajji Mostafa.

The platform handles necessary background checks and integrates traditional elements like chaperones and guardians, maintaining cultural integrity. MMS currently operates in the UK, North America, Europe, and the Middle East, with 50% of profits aiding underprivileged communities.

Looking ahead, MMS plans to organise live events for potential couples and has formed a partnership with Insightology (UK) to provide emotional support to its premium members, further enhancing its comprehensive matrimonial service.


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