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Grapey Launches in the UK, Offering a Unique Approach to Fine Wine Distribution

Grapey makes its entrance into the UK wine market as an innovative online distributor of fine wines, adopting a club card system as a novel alternative to the usual subscription models. This approach enables wine lovers to select their bottles from a handpicked selection, establishing a direct procurement chain from wineries and eliminating conventional retail intermediaries. Grapey’s business model facilitates perpetual discounts on their wine selection, contrasting with the periodic discounts of traditional retail outlets.

By aiming to make high-quality wines more accessible in the UK, Grapey secures exclusive wines directly from esteemed wineries in Europe and the New World at reduced prices. This strategy is set to offer lower prices for consumers and aims to decrease the carbon emissions associated with wine transportation. Grapey is dedicated to maintaining its presence online, foregoing the establishment of physical stores.

The club offers a choice between a one-time use card for up to five bottles or an annual card for unlimited purchases, with both providing continuous discounts on high-end wines. This initiative seeks to make the premium wine market more accessible, especially after the recent uptick in import costs.

Grapey curates its selection to include wines from producers renowned for their quality and limited-edition wines from smaller wineries with production below 100,000 bottles per year. The company aims to democratise access to fine wines in the UK while upholding the highest quality standards and affirming its position as the leading low-cost distributor in the country.

Grapey’s objective is to establish an online platform that offers a select range of outstanding wines at discounted prices, reducing its environmental impact and highlighting reputable sustainable wineries that have yet to gain prominence in the UK market. The club aspires to show that excellence and selection are achievable without resorting to widespread distribution, potentially making fine wines more widely available to consumers.


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