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Peecho Merges with Prodigi to Transform the Print-on-Demand Sector

Peecho, renowned for its innovative cloud printing solutions, has announced its acquisition by Prodigi, a global leader in the print-on-demand arena. This pivotal merger promises to broaden Peecho’s product spectrum, enhance fulfilment localisation, and grant its clientele access to Prodigi’s expansive international printing network and manufacturing prowess.

Since its inception in 2009, Peecho has spearheaded the digital-to-print revolution, facilitating the effortless incorporation of print-on-demand modules into applications and websites. The acquisition by Prodigi heralds a significant leap forward for Peecho, offering its clients an unmatched array of products and services.

“We’re thrilled to join the Prodigi family and leverage their global presence and expertise to take our offerings to the next level,” stated Eric Kickert, CEO of Peecho. “This partnership will allow our clients to benefit from a vastly expanded product catalog, improved localisation, and access to Prodigi’s vertically integrated manufacturing facilities.”

Kickert further commented on the industry dynamics, saying, “The print on demand industry is at a pivotal stage. While there’s been consistent growth from players like Gelato, Gooten, Printful, and Prodigi, the market remains highly fragmented, with no single company dominating the space. This fragmentation presents both challenges and opportunities. On one hand, it intensifies competition and makes differentiation more critical than ever. On the other, it opens up possibilities for capturing market share, serving niche segments, and forming strategic partnerships. We believe the key to thriving in this environment lies in combining cutting-edge technology with a deep understanding of our customers’ needs. By joining forces with Prodigi, we’re not only expanding our product offerings and reach, but also gaining access to a wealth of expertise, talent, and data. This partnership allows us to directly address the challenges facing the market and seize the opportunities it presents.”

The merger offers Peecho’s clients the opportunity to leverage Prodigi’s robust North American presence, facilitating their expansion beyond European confines and into new markets with more promising consumer spending forecasts, circumventing the extensive investment typically required to develop supplementary business support functions during such expansion phases.

James Old, founder and CEO of Prodigi, shared his excitement about the merger: “Peecho’s innovative print shop technology and strong presence in Europe perfectly complement our global footprint and manufacturing capabilities. Together, we’ll be able to provide an unrivaled print on demand experience for businesses and creators worldwide.”

Kickert envisages further industry consolidation, stating, “Looking ahead, we anticipate further industry consolidation as companies seek greater scale and efficiency. However, by joining forces with Prodigi, we intend to proactively shape this future. Our shared goal is to develop a platform that enables businesses and creators to work smarter, faster, cleaner, and greener, and this strategic merger marks a foundational step towards realising that vision.”

This strategic integration positions Peecho within the Prodigi framework, empowering businesses of all scales to utilise a comprehensive, global print-on-demand platform that is set to redefine their digital content monetisation strategies and audience engagement methodologies.


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