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Omega Ingredients Implements BatchMaster ERP to Improve Efficiency and Profitability

Omega Ingredients, a leading producer of award-winning natural flavours for the food and beverage industry, has implemented BatchMaster ERP to streamline its manufacturing operations and enhance efficiency. This strategic move addresses the company’s complex challenges in production, planning, quality control, inventory optimisation, invoicing, and traceability.

For years, Omega Ingredients relied on traditional manual methods for routine operations. However, the growing complexity of their product range—including flavour creation, ingredients, fragrances, unique flavours, and organic extracts—necessitated a more robust and efficient system. Recognising the limitations of their current approach, Omega sought an end-to-end ERP solution to effectively manage these complexities.

Omega had specific functional requirements from the ERP software, such as printing Safety Data Sheets, automatic CLP labelling for shipping and packaging, reviewing shelf life, and implementing FIFO and LIFO inventory methods.

“We required a solution that not only covered basic functionalities but also addressed our unique demands,” said Steve Pearce, CEO of Omega Ingredients. “We were fortunate to discover BatchMaster through their extensive web presence,” he further added.

The company was impressed by the comprehensive functionalities of BatchMaster ERP, including its seamless integration with Sage 200 for finance and accounting, which Omega had been using for years. This compatibility was a significant factor in their decision.

BatchMaster’s Managing Director, Sanjay Panjwani, also expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration. “Our comprehensive set of modules—including Inventory Management, Formula Management, Costing, Order Entry & Sales Management, Purchase Order Management, Bill of Materials, Batch Tickets & Production, Quality Control, Production Planning (MPS/MRP), BatchMaster CRM, and Dashboards—will help Omega overcome their challenges and enhance operational efficiency and productivity.”

Mr Panjwani added: “Moreover, our food vertical add-on will also facilitate performing complex operations such as sample management, stability testing, nutritional labelling, and tracking deviations. We are happy to have another feather in our cap.”

“Our food ERP software suite has helped many leading food players, and we are confident it will provide the same benefits to Omega.”


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