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Forward Introduces Next-Generation Digital Sales Room to Revolutionise B2B Sales

In an era defined by digital transformation reshaping industries, B2B sales are undergoing a profound evolution. Enter Forward, an innovative solution poised to reinvent the B2B sales experience for the digital age.

After a successful year-long beta phase as Simpliciter, the FORWARD Digital Sales Room is now unveiled. Its goal is to simplify, engage, and enhance the efficiency of B2B sales for both buyers and sellers.

In a digital sales landscape where, according to a recent global survey by Gartner, 77% of B2B buyers describe their most recent purchase experience as complicated or challenging, a clear need for a solution emerges. Complex buying processes and information overload often lead to extended sales cycles and stalled deals. Forward seeks to eliminate these obstacles, ensuring that B2B sales journeys are seamless, maintain momentum, and culminate in successful deals.

The new banner “Forward” and its guiding principle “Drive your deal forward, effortlessly” encapsulate the essence of seamless progress that modern sales teams demand.

Forward’s platform replaces email clutter with dedicated digital sales rooms, consolidating sales resources, tools, interactions, and deal processes into a unified workspace. This solution fosters seamless collaboration and expedites buying decisions. Each digital salesroom, accessible via a single link, facilitates real-time interactions, provides invaluable sales insights, suggests mutual-action plans, and offers automated personalisation.

Boris Rino, co-founder of Forward, expresses his excitement: “Our transition from Simpliciter to Forward underscores our dedication to helping sales teams create smoother and more engaging experiences that effortlessly maintain prospect engagement and advance the deal!”

“95% of B2B sales processes still rely on emails and attachments. This isn’t just time- and resource-draining; it’s a major cause of lost sales,” says Altug Beser, a serial entrepreneur, and co-founder of Forward, with two successful exits under his belt in the vertical of digitalisation of B2B sales processes. “Both the buyer and seller side are in dire need of a streamlined experience. During our beta phase as Simpliciter, we witnessed a 30% shortening of sales cycles and a 23% drop in email back-and-forth. I believe any forward-thinking business should experience the advantages of a digital sales room firsthand.”

In a rapidly changing landscape, forecasts indicate that by 2026, a remarkable 30% of B2B sales cycles will transition to the efficiency of digital sales rooms. For enterprises and SMBs still reliant on conventional engagement methods and subpar buyer experiences, the need for transformation is undeniable.

Seizing this transformative moment, FORWARD extends an invitation to experience its digital sales room solution for free at www.dealforward.com. This opportunity empowers users to witness firsthand how FORWARD streamlines processes, effortlessly propelling deals forward and delivering that “wow” factor that accelerates deal closures.


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