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Pioneering Bristol Enterprise Elevates Space Sector Diversity and Inclusivity to the Presidential Residence

Inaugurated during the year 2019, the founding quartet comprised of Ryan Hill, Richard Joyce, Tom Kelly, and Jack Madley, united by an ardor to foster expansion and originality within the celestial domain, strove to cultivate a pool of adept professionals. This endeavor, birthed from a profound ardency for diversity, inclusivity, and the transformative potential of space exploration for Earth, positioned EVONA at the epicenter of this momentous dialogue.

The collective received a prestigious invitation to partake in the Space STEM Forum, an assembly held within the precincts of the White House in Washington. In this distinguished congregation, they unfolded their blueprint for propelling parity across the space sector, shared with luminaries hailing from diverse industrial realms.

The ensuing impact of this summit reverberated, culminating in an extended White House encounter for Tom Kelly, the luminary helming EVONA as its CEO. A roundtable discourse orchestrated by the National Space Council saw him engage with captains of the space industry.

Richard Joyce, a co-founding pillar of EVONA, candidly declared, “Addressing the assembly at the White House was akin to a cherished reverie metamorphosing into reality. The focal point was unraveling the exigencies of present and future for a STEM workforce entrenched in space-related pursuits. We were afforded the privilege to offer profound insights and avant-garde methodologies to bridge the competency void and instigate innovation within the celestial domain.”

“Our inception transpired at the heart of a domestic abode, fueled by an aspiration to kindle a space sector steeped in diversity, parity, and inclusiveness. The immense scale at which this vision was acknowledged fills us with profound gratitude,” appended Tom Kelly, EVONA’s co-founder.

Tom Kelly added an assertion, “Our approach isn’t a mere reactionary measure to statistical insights; rather, it’s a manifestation of our rapt attention to the concerns expressed by the enterprises we liaise with. We gleaned that diversity remains a paramount catalyst for expansion and originality, but the pivotal linchpin is inclusiveness. The act of assimilating individuals perceived as diverse into one’s cadre for the sake of complying with checkboxes isn’t efficacious. Tokenism inevitably sows the seeds of employee attrition, as these entities find themselves adrift without a sense of belonging or incorporation into the organisational ethos. Crafting and retaining a genuinely diversified team necessitates provisioning an ambience that evokes pride and enthusiasm to serve. Our resolve is resolute in bridging this void, thereby ushering a luminous trajectory for the space industry.”

From its inception, EVONA embarked on a trajectory surpassing mere staffing endeavors, seeking to vanquish the foundational reasons underpinning the historical paucity of diversity in the space sector.

A disconcerting statistical profile underscores the composition of the sector: 89% ensconced in the ambit of whiteness, 72% identified as male, a mere 2% accounting for individuals with disabilities. Such stark monochromatic and gender-skewed contours have elicited protracted censure, underscoring the sector’s dearth of inclusivity and diversity. Richard Joyce augmented this perspective, stating, “Within this entrenched hegemony of white masculinity, the industry inadvertently alienates the rich spectrum of backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences that could propel it to uncharted realms.”

“Within the tapestry of EVONA’s endeavors, our principal objective is to transmute this paradigm. By courting and nurturing aspirants ablaze with zeal, we concentrate singularly on proficiency, erecting a stage for talents frequently overlooked within the astral sector. Our intervention encompasses the entire trajectory from interview to onboarding, synergising with clients to steer unprejudiced recruitment and selection processes,” affirmed Richard.

Five years hence its genesis, EVONA has earned coveted opportunities to discourse on consequential space sector facets like diversity, inclusivity, STEM education, and the trajectory of the celestial workforce, all in the presence of global dignitaries and leaders.

Tom appended, “The milestones attained by EVONA hitherto serve as promising beacons, emblematic of the zeniths young, dynamic enterprises fortified with a steadfast vision and commitment to transformative evolution can reach. Following the accolade of being christened Lloyds Bank New Business of the Year in 2021, our voyage toward revolutionising the celestial realm is but in its incipient stage.”


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