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GUIDA.TV Debuts in Italy: Transforming TV Viewing Experience

GUIDA.TV, an advanced TV listings platform, is officially launched in Italy, offering an innovative approach to television planning. Created by the team behind On TV Tonight, a leader in TV guides in America, Canada, and Australia, GUIDA.TV is tailored for the Italian audience.  The platform is an ideal reference point to discover what’s on TV tonight, offering unprecedented access to television content.

This platform stands as an essential tool for discovering television content in Italy, especially in today’s vast and fragmented entertainment landscape.

GUIDA.TV’s standout features include its intuitive interface, real-time updates, and a community-driven program rating system. These elements collectively enhance the TV planning experience for Italian viewers.

Glen Murphy, Managing Director of On TV Tonight, commented, “Television enthusiasts in Italy will find GUIDA.TV not just a TV listings service, but an indispensable companion to their TV viewing. Whether it’s a favorite TV series, movie, sport, or children’s programs, we are committed to ensuring all Italian TV viewers are informed and ready to enjoy the best that TV has to offer.”

Future developments for GUIDA.TV include a dynamic search engine for streaming services and dedicated mobile apps.

Visit https://www.guida.tv or contact [email protected] for more details.


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