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QH Sound Calls on Kent’s Unsigned Talents for New Compilation Album

QH Sound, an emerging music enterprise located in Canterbury, UK, has unveiled plans for a new series of compilation CDs, dubbed ‘Unsigned Collection’, with the goal of spotlighting the country’s most promising yet undiscovered artists. The inaugural album in the series, ‘Unsigned Collection Vol.1’, will exclusively showcase talent from the firm’s native Kent.

The initiative is the brainchild of Quadri, a Canterbury Christ Church University graduate and a dedicated HMV staffer with a zeal for uncovering fresh musical acts and bolstering up-and-coming artists. Through QH Sound, numerous musicians have expanded their audience, secured radio appearances, booked live performances, and gained media exposure. The ‘Unsigned Collection’ project seeks to offer a stepping stone for emerging artists to elevate their careers.

Quadri expressed his motivation for the project, stating, “There are many incredible artists that often go undiscovered in this crowded industry. Unsigned Collection will shine a light on the most promising talents. This is a unique opportunity for musicians to stand out and lay the foundation for longevity.”


‘Unsigned Collection Vol.1’ aims to feature 15-20 tracks from Kent-based artists and bands, receiving exposure in HMV stores throughout the county and being distributed to radio stations, music bloggers, journalists, and influencers in pursuit of the next breakout star.

QH Sound is actively seeking artists from all musical genres to contribute to ‘Unsigned Collection Vol.1’. Eligible artists should be Kent residents with at least five high-quality original song recordings. There is no submission fee. Selected artists will benefit from promotional support through the album, media, music blogs, live events, and networking with fellow musicians while retaining complete ownership and rights to their music.

Quadri further elaborated on the company’s mission, “With Unsigned Collection and other initiatives, we aim to nurture talent, bring musicians together, and strengthen the local music scene.” He continued, “This is about creating opportunities and helping artists reach new milestones.”

Artists interested in participating can find more information or submit their music by visiting www.qhsound.co.uk or contacting [email protected].


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