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Le Grá Premium Irish Lager: Unlocking Ireland’s Magic in Every Glass

Experience the magic of Ireland with Le Grá, a new premium lager that truly captures the spirit and allure of the Emerald Isle.

Debuting on May 9th in Dublin, Le Grá, meaning “with love” in Irish, invites you to be among the first to taste this distinctive golden lager enriched with real shamrocks, adding an element of ancient Irish fortune. Its four-leaf clover logo embodies the traditional Irish values of faith, hope, love, and luck.

Sean Casey, the visionary founder of Le Grá Beer Ltd, shared, “With Le Grá, we wanted to bottle the warmth, camaraderie, and unbreakable spirit that flows through the Emerald Isle,” emphasizing the use of authentic Irish ingredients and the mystical allure of Irish traditions in its creation.

Crafted in Dublin using age-old brewing techniques, Le Grá features a rich, smooth flavour with light fruity undertones and a notably crisp finish. More than just a drink, it is a celebration of Irish heritage and values.

Le Grá echoes the widespread charm of Irish pubs, offering a genuine taste of Ireland that can be enjoyed globally.

The official launch event is scheduled for May 9th at The Morgan Hotel in Temple Bar, Dublin, promising an evening filled with live Irish tunes, entertainment, and the inaugural tasting of Le Grá.

Casey extends an invitation to the global community: “On May 9th, we invite the world to join us in raising the first glass of this enchanting new Irish lager,” and declares, “Let the spirit of Ireland flow as we toast to where ancient tradition meets the art of modern brewing. The luck of Le Grá awaits!”

Following its introduction, Le Grá Premium Irish Lager will be distributed across Ireland from May 10th, with plans to launch in the UK by Summer 2024.


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