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Gadsby Wicks Triumphs in Compensation Case Over Delayed Diagnosis and GP Negligence

Gadsby Wicks, a renowned medical negligence firm serving Essex and East Anglia, has successfully secured compensation for a client who suffered due to the delayed treatment of Giant Cell Arteritis (GCA) and Polymyalgia Rheumatica (PMR).

Handled by experienced solicitor and Partner Tony Mitty, this case highlights the consequences of unnecessary delays in diagnosis and GP negligence, resulting in a poor and avoidable outcome for the claimant.

The Case: The claimant, referred to as Mrs F to safeguard her privacy, first consulted her GP with complaints of a dull ache in her shoulder joints, hips, and upper legs, with limited mobility. Unfortunately, no meaningful action was taken at this stage.

A month later, Mrs F returned with worsening symptoms, experiencing difficulties getting in and out of bed and climbing stairs. Additionally, she had a constant ache from her forehead to the top of her head, severe jaw pain while eating, and tenderness in her left temple when touched. Yet again, no appropriate action was taken.

After another month-and-a-half, Mrs F’s left eye vision became blurred, leading her to seek emergency medical attention. She was admitted to the hospital, but tragically, she lost all vision in her left eye several days later.

Following thorough examination, Mrs F was diagnosed with GCA and PMR. She underwent blood transfusions and commenced high-dose steroid medication, which resulted in side effects, including Cushing’s Disease.

The Claim: Mrs F pursued the claim on the grounds that her GP should have diagnosed and treated her for PMR during her initial consultation. Early treatment with low-dose steroids could have prevented the side effects she now endures.

Moreover, during her second visit, her GP should have recognised signs of GCA and initiated investigations and treatment to prevent the vision loss in her left eye.

The Outcome: Gadsby Wicks conducted an extensive investigation into Mrs F’s case and initiated legal proceedings. Initially, the Defendants denied any breach of duty and causation. However, after exchanging expert evidence, the claim eventually settled out of court.

As a result, Mrs F received fair compensation for her pain, suffering, and the challenges she faced. The successful outcome provided her with the answers and closure she sought, offering support as she moves forward from this distressing incident.

Tony Mitty, the medical solicitor handling Mrs F’s case, commented, “It is always unfortunate when a patient’s poor outcome could have been entirely prevented with earlier intervention from a healthcare professional, especially when there were multiple opportunities such as this case. Although we cannot turn back the clock on our client’s mistreatment, I am glad that we could help her secure a successful result in her claim. I am confident that the compensation awarded will provide Mrs F with invaluable support as she moves on from this incident, hopefully preventing others from facing the same result.”

Gadsby Wicks has seen an increase in delayed treatment claims over the past year, and as a firm, they remain dedicated to achieving the best outcomes for clients who have suffered due to avoidable delays in their care.


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