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BMW Drives to Victory in UK’s Prideful Car Owners’ Rankings

In a recent study conducted by the UK’s leading touch-up paint retailer, the question of which drivers take the utmost pride in their cherished vehicles was explored. This comprehensive research, which delves into the connection between car brands and maintenance practices, sheds light on the distinct pride and care habits exhibited by car owners throughout the nation.

Utilising both Chipex’s UK sales data and the DVLA‘s UK car registration data, Chipex devised an index, rating drivers on a scale from 0 to 200 based on their likelihood to purchase touch-up paint. This index allowed Chipex to determine the extent of pride exhibited by drivers of each car brand.

Key Insights from the Study:

  1. Luxury Brands and Meticulous Owners: Owners of luxury car brands such as BMW, Tesla, Porsche, Jaguar, and others stand out for their diligent paint upkeep. This suggests a deeper sense of pride in their vehicle’s appearance and an aversion to imperfections. Remarkably, 11 out of the 77 car manufacturers included in the study achieved a perfect Chipex Index score of 200. Notable mentions include Porsche, Alfa Romeo, and Aston Martin.
  2. BMW Trumps Mercedes in the Pursuit of Perfection: In the age-old rivalry between BMW and Mercedes-Benz, BMW owners demonstrate superior commitment to maintaining their vehicle’s appearance, boasting a flawless paintwork maintenance score of 200. In contrast, their Mercedes counterparts achieved a score of 130.
  3. Electric Cars: Where Style Meets Sustainability: Tesla drivers, with a perfect score of 200, refuse to compromise on aesthetics, potentially reflecting their forward-thinking and eco-conscious mindset.
  4. Everyday Cars Embrace Imperfections: Brands like Vauxhall (with a score of 39) and Toyota (scoring 51), as well as compact car owners, appear to adopt a more laid-back attitude towards minor blemishes. This reflects an acceptance of life’s inevitable small dings.
  5. Family Cars Value Functionality Over Flawlessness: Family car owners prioritise the journeys of life over maintaining a spotless finish, cherishing functionality and the memories created with their vehicles over pure aesthetics. Popular family-focused SUVs such as the Nissan Qashqai and Kia Sportage achieved scores of 38 and 37, respectively.

Johnny Graham, the founder of Chipex, offered his perspective on the findings:

“The study highlights a clear correlation between luxury car ownership and the quest for perfection. We sell touch up paint for all brands, but there is a need to educate drivers of ‘everyday runarounds’ that our product exists, it’s affordable and is easy to use. Not only can a quick touch up job help retain the value of your car, it can help instil a sense of pride for your beloved motor; whether it’s a top-of-the-range Aston Martin or a humble Skoda.”

For more in-depth information about the Chipex Index, additional insights from the study, and access to the raw data, visit the Chipex UK website.


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