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Get My Claim Highlights Greater Compensation Potential for UK Motorists

Investigations reveal that countless UK drivers might be due thousands in compensation after being charged too much for new vehicles. Moreover, there are additional reasons for potential claims.

Get My Claim reports multiple instances where car finance companies failed to carry out mandatory eligibility assessments, which may make more drivers eligible for refunds.

Charles Thompson, director at Get My Claim, observed: “The issue of ‘inflated prices’ is well documented, however, research suggests that a high number of motorists were sold a finance deal that they couldn’t actually afford meaning they too could be entitled compensation.”

“Our mission at Get My Claim is to ensure that every motorist receives fair treatment and we’re committed to helping drivers reclaim what’s rightfully theirs,” he declared.

The FCA is investigating if financing agreements like hire purchase or personal contract purchase have caused excessive interest fees.

To determine if you qualify for a refund, visit Get My Claim.


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