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Londoners evacuated after gas main rupture

More than 1,300 shoppers and workers were evacuated in London when a gas main ruptured this afternoon.

London Fire Brigade (LFB) said that its firefighters were attending a rupture on Seething Lane, in the heart of the Square Mile.

The service said around 1,300 people in nearby shops and offices had been told to leave the area.

The LFB followed this with an update shortly afterwards, that read: “Around 1,300 people have been evacuated due to the 24 inch gas main that has ruptured on Seething Lane junction of Crutched Friars. Fenchurch Street station is not affected. Please avoid the area if possible.

Seething Lane in the City of London is located the west of the bustling Tower Hill area and just south of the busy Fenchurch train station. It connects All Hallows-by-the-Tower, Byward Street, with St Olave’s Church, Hart Street.


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