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Web Summit Qatar 2024: Sachin Dev Duggal leads ‘The AI Moment’

Web Summit Qatar recently hosted an enlightening session titled ‘The AI Moment’, where industry leaders converged to discuss AI’s burgeoning role and its implications. Julia Sieger of FRANCE 24 moderated the session, featuring insights from Mohamed Al-Hardan of the Qatar Investment Authority and Builder.ai’s visionary, Sachin Dev Duggal.

Sachin Dev Duggal shared his insights on the evolution of AI, drawing from his tenure at Builder.ai. He reminisced about significant milestones such as Google’s BERT model, introduced a decade ago, and how the year 2022 marked a paradigm shift not just in AI technology but in enhancing user interaction through design improvements. This shift made AI more accessible and easier for people to adopt.

With the Qatar Investment Authority recently backing Builder.ai’s Series D funding, Mohamed Al-Hardan discussed the strategic motives behind their investment. He praised Builder.ai for its innovative approach in streamlining the development process and its proactive engagement with AI, while also stressing the importance of meticulous due diligence for AI’s practical application. Al-Hardan highlighted the proactive stance of AI startups in navigating AI’s potential risks and their ambition to lead in technological adaptation.

The discourse then transitioned to the impact of AI on employment, where Duggal and Al-Hardan expanded beyond the traditional narrative of job displacement. Sachin Duggal envisioned a future where people are celebrated for their creative capabilities rather than repetitive tasks, reshaping our understanding of work. Al-Hardan concurred, emphasising the need for continuous adaptation to thrive in an AI-integrated world.


Regarding AI governance, both speakers discussed the ethical and regulatory complexities associated with AI’s expansion. Al-Hardan voiced concerns over restrictive over-regulation potentially hampering innovation, advocating for collaboration between regulators and technologists to bridge their understanding gap.

The session concluded with a unified call for educational reforms to equip future generations for an AI-driven era. Sachin Dev Duggal highlighted the importance of fostering human-centric skills like creativity and adaptability within educational frameworks to ensure their adaptability to diverse scenarios.

Their profound insights shed light on the humanistic, ethical, and responsibility aspects in the era of AI, emphasising the need for a focus on human-centered AI innovation.


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