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Victims of Number Plate Clone Scams Turn to Personalised Plates, Expert Reveals

In the wake of distressing number plate clone scams, targeted drivers are seeking solace in personalised number plates, as explained by a car expert.

Perpetrators of these scams often target vehicles of the same make and model as their own (often stolen) car, opting to clone their number plates. The ruse is to evade suspicion during initial checks conducted by officials, as the number plates would appear to be associated with the same model of vehicle.

However, this deceitful practice could lead to lawful motorists being subjected to fines or charges for a vehicle they were not driving, merely because it bears identical number plates.

The DVLA warns, “If you are being contacted about fines or charges which you are not responsible for because someone else is using the registration number for your vehicle, your vehicle might have been cloned. Cloning involves copying the identity of a similar (non-stolen) vehicle already on the road. Criminals find an exact make, model, and colour of the car they have stolen, then use the same registration number on their stolen vehicle to make it look legal. If you suspect your vehicle has been cloned, the following points will help you avoid becoming a victim of further crime.”

Jon Kirkbright, the sales director at Reghunters.co.uk, estimates that approximately 20% of customers seeking to purchase a cost-effective number plate have turned to them after experiencing their licence plate being cloned.

Reghunters claims to be the UK’s most affordable number plate retailer, offering plates starting at a mere £25 plus VAT and a £80 DVLA transfer fee.

Jon explains, “Customers often find it more convenient to buy a cheap number plate from us, and they can have the new plate in use within hours of purchase. Our experienced staff handles all the registration transfer paperwork with the DVLA, provided the customer can furnish their V5 certificate. From there, we efficiently transfer the new private registration plate onto the selected vehicle, freeing the customer from the burden of their original cloned registration.”

Jon acknowledges that these legitimate customers are victims of crime and, regrettably, they bear the cost of the solution out of their own pockets.

He further states, “It’s truly unfair; the onus should not be on the customer to resolve this issue, as they have fallen prey to a crime. However, many find it much more cost-effective to acquire a new number plate and put an end to the matter, rather than spending hours on the phone and completing paperwork to convince the relevant authorities that the fines or charges were wrongly sent to them. By changing their registration plate, they can avoid facing this problem repeatedly.”

Reghunters.co.uk takes pride in boasting the largest database of private number plates, offering over 63 million plates for sale, and operates from its base in Blackpool, Lancashire.

The company’s efficient online platform empowers customers to search for their desired number plate combinations, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees.

Victims of number plate clone scams may be searching for the most economical plate available, and they can conveniently browse the best deals offered here.

In addition to providing personalised plates, Jon and his team extend a free valuation service to customers who already possess private plates, processing around 250 requests each day.

To learn more, visit Reghunters.co.uk or explore their Facebook page.


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