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Derivatives Documentation Expert Edyta Knizewska Unveils Exclusive Online Course on ISDA Master Agreements

Edyta Knizewska, a distinguished authority in derivatives documentation and the founder of FIT Legal, a specialized legal consultancy firm, as well as Derivatives Lab, is poised to divulge her profound insights through a pioneering online course named ISDA Lab. This unprecedented course aims to impart comprehensive knowledge about comprehending and negotiating ISDA Master Agreements – the prevailing standard documents overseeing over-the-counter derivatives transactions.

Knizewska, a seasoned legal consultant, adept negotiator, and proficient derivatives lawyer, boasts an impressive career of over 15 years in the realm of financial services. Having imbibed wisdom from some of the sharpest minds within the derivatives documentation arena, Knizewska is now enthusiastically disseminating her expertise to fellow industry professionals via her groundbreaking platform, Derivatives Lab.

The ISDA Lab course, as Knizewska articulates, “offers students a unique opportunity to invest in their own professional growth, thereby elevating their careers and overall life experiences.” Knizewska holds key advisory and consultancy roles for esteemed asset and investment management firms, FTSE 100 corporations, and broker-dealers, attesting to her stature within the industry.

Having initially trained in commercial litigation, she subsequently transitioned to becoming a legal counsel at a global investment bank, ultimately honing her focus on derivatives. Her tenure at Credit Suisse saw her leading the OTC documentation team, before she embarked on a new chapter on the buy-side by joining Man Group PLC, the world’s largest listed hedge fund manager. Knizewska reminisces about her time at Man Group PLC, emphasizing how it nurtured her growth as both a derivatives lawyer and a manager, co-heading the prime brokerage and trading legal team in London.

Bolstered by her comprehensive experience on both the sell-side and buy-side of the industry, Knizewska’s dynamic approach renders her an engaging course creator. In recognition of her accomplishments, she garnered prestigious accolades in 2023 from Global Advisory Experts, Worldwide Financial Advisor Awards magazine, and CIO.com, commending her as a Visionary Woman Leader Making An Impact.

Furthermore, Lawyer Monthly acclaimed her as the Banking and Finance Lawyer of the Year in 2021, 2022, and 2023 through its Women in Law Awards.

The exclusive ISDA Lab course is set to be available for purchase during a limited 10-day window in October. To avoid missing out, sign up for the waitlist at: https://derivativescourses.com/enroll/

For further insights into Edyta Knizewska’s background and expertise, please visit derivativescourses.com/your-tutor. To delve into the offerings of Derivatives Lab and learn more about the forthcoming ISDA Lab course, visit derivativescourses.com.


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