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Bluewater Champions Global Initiative on World Health Day to Address PFAS and Microplastic Pollution

This World Health Day, Bluewater, a leader in water purification technologies and beverage systems, is urging governments across the globe to address the pressing issue of PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) and microplastic contamination in drinking water.

PFAS, synthetic chemicals used since the 1940s, are notorious for their long-lasting presence in the environment and the human body, raising concerns about potential health hazards. Similarly, microplastics, tiny plastic particles less than 5mm, found in tap and bottled water, pose a significant risk to human health.

Bengt Rittri, the visionary Founder and CEO of Bluewater, remarked, “There are thousands of different PFAS, some more widely used and studied than others. The fact that many of these substances break down very slowly is alarming. It’s unacceptable that these contaminants are present in our water, soil, air, and food. It’s time the producers of PFAS chemicals and throwaway plastic bottles are held accountable for the toxic mess they have created across our beautiful blue planet.”

Research indicates that exposure to certain PFAS can lead to a range of adverse health effects, including developmental issues in children, low birth weight, and even cancer. The pervasive nature of PFAS and microplastics, found in water, soil, air, food, and everyday materials, poses a dual threat to human health and the environment.

This issue was spotlighted by a Bluewater investigation in March 2024 in London and Stockholm, revealing alarmingly high levels of toxic PFAS in the municipal tap water of these capitals.

Bluewater is at the forefront of addressing these challenges, offering advanced water purification technology that effectively removes harmful PFAS chemicals and microplastics. The company’s innovative under-sink purifiers also eliminate the need for single-use plastic bottles, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

This spring, Bluewater introduced its revolutionary Kitchen Station 1™ water purification system in Europe, capable of removing up to 99.97 percent of toxic chemicals and contaminants. The Bluewater Kitchen Station not only ensures the purity of drinking and cooking water but also infuses it with a unique blend of minerals from the ancient mountains of northern Sweden, enhancing health benefits.

Rittri emphasized, “We’re not just in the business of providing clean water; we’re committed to promoting sustainable practices, improving water quality in local communities, and advancing environmental conservation efforts.”

Since its inception in 2013 in Stockholm, Sweden, Bluewater has been dedicated to delivering pure, mineral-enriched drinking water. The company is a staunch advocate for a plastic-free world and encourages the use of reusable bottles.

Bengt Rittri, a renowned Swedish environmental entrepreneur, calls on governments to take decisive action against PFAS and microplastic pollution, stating, “In our commitment to a cleaner, healthier world, Bluewater is urging governments to act to reduce PFAS and microplastic contamination.” Bluewater’s vision is to ensure access to clean and safe drinking water globally, from Europe and North America to China, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.


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