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Medicana Health Group Integrates Advanced Technologies for Superior Patient Care

At the heart of Türkiye, Medicana Health Group is pioneering a patient-centric approach, powered by an unwavering commitment to deeply understand and meet patient demands. This commitment is realised through strategic investments in smart technologies, ensuring personalised and well-coordinated patient care pathways.

In an era marked by rapid technological advancement and digitalisation, Medicana Health Group, a leading name in healthcare, has seamlessly integrated telemedicine, wearable technologies, artificial intelligence, and genomics into its patient care practices.

The wealth of data garnered from these technologies is meticulously analysed and utilised to refine Medicana’s operational workflows, with the ultimate goal of enhancing patient experiences, optimising service delivery, and promoting health awareness.

Medicana’s patient care ethos is characterised by personalised attention and active engagement at every stage of the patient’s healthcare journey, ensuring a bespoke and comprehensive experience.

Harnessing Technology and Digitalisation for Enhanced Patient-Focused Care

As the healthcare IT market is projected to expand at a CAGR of 15.8% from 2024, reaching an impressive USD 1,834.3 billion by 2030 according to Grand View Research, Medicana Health Group is capitalising on this trend through strategic IT investments and the digitalisation of its healthcare services. This approach enables the provision of online consultations, immediate booking services, and quick access to patient records and diagnostic results, effectively reducing traditional healthcare wait times. Medicana’s digital transformation also includes efficient online payment solutions, expedited prescription services, and instant access to laboratory and imaging findings.

In addition, Medicana Health Group is at the forefront of offering innovative healthcare services such as digital second opinions for surgeries and comprehensive online rehabilitation and physical therapy programs, underpinned by AI technology. The Group’s digital suite extends to encompass online home care services, offering a broad spectrum of educational content from infant to elderly care, thus ensuring accessible and continuous healthcare support across different life phases.

Dedication to Environmental Sustainability and SDG 3

“Digital transformation facilitates quicker, more targeted, and cost-effective patient outcomes, significantly contributing to the betterment of society and aligning with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 3 (SDG 3), which focuses on ensuring healthy lives and promoting well-being at all ages. In tandem with these efforts, our commitment to environmental sustainability, evident in our adoption of eco-friendly practices across our operations—from utilising green energy like wind and solar to implementing paperless hospital systems—further underscores the belief that a healthy planet is foundational to sustaining healthy populations,” stated Reha Özkaya, Board Member at Medicana Health Group.

Value-Based Care: The Cornerstone of Enhanced Patient Experiences

Patient-centred care at Medicana is holistic, considering the full spectrum of patient needs, from physical to emotional well-being. This involves engaging patients in their care planning, offering personalised care strategies, and ensuring a seamless, transparent, and empowering journey through the healthcare system.

In response to the needs of an ageing population and the demand for home-based care, Medicana offers a comprehensive suite of services tailored to elderly patients, including home-based post-treatment care, telemedicine consultations, and remote health monitoring. These services not only offer convenience but also ensure ongoing, effective health management, particularly for the elderly.

Medicana Health Group operates a network of 16 hospitals across seven strategic cities in Türkiye, serving a diverse patient base of over 5.5 million people annually, both from within the country and internationally.


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