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Sir Clive Woodward Joins KultraLab as Strategic Advisor for Elevating Organisational Performance

KultraLab, a pioneering force in AI-driven coaching, is delighted to announce the appointment of Sir Clive Woodward as its Strategic Advisor for Organisational Performance.

In this pivotal role, Sir Clive will collaborate closely with KultraLab to steer its clients towards achieving excellence in high-performance. His extensive experience and profound expertise will be instrumental in shaping the evolution of Kultra, the company’s AI coaching tool.

Sir Clive Woodward’s illustrious career includes leading England’s rugby team to a historic victory in the 2003 Rugby World Cup, catapulting them from a ranking of 6th to the top-ranked team globally during his tenure as Head Coach. In 2006, he assumed the role of Director of Sport for Team GB at the British Olympic Association, providing crucial support to national coaches and athletes at the Beijing and Vancouver Olympics. His leadership also contributed to Team GB’s most successful Olympic Games in the modern era at London 2012.

Sir Clive to Chair a Groundbreaking Report: ‘The Secret DNA of High-Performing Teams’

One of the exciting endeavors involving Sir Clive is his appointment as the Chair of an upcoming report titled ‘The Secret DNA of High-Performing Teams.’ This research project is a collaboration between KultraLab, the World Retail Congress, and the University of Manchester.

The study will delve into the cultural and behavioral drivers that underpin high-performing teams within the retail and consumer sector. Over 15 prominent global retail organisations have committed to participating in this groundbreaking research.

The primary objective of this research is to furnish organisations with a valuable framework and measurement index for identifying high-performance behaviors. This framework will empower businesses to benchmark themselves against their peers, paving the way for heightened performance and productivity. The findings of this report will be unveiled at the World Retail Congress in Paris in April 2024.

A Promising Collaboration to Forge a Blueprint for High-Performing Teams

Speaking about his new role, Sir Clive expressed, “I am really excited to be partnering with the team at KultraLab. Our businesses share a strong alignment, particularly in our shared commitment to creating high-performing teams and making coaching accessible to everyone. I am genuinely excited to be contributing to the upcoming report, offering businesses a blueprint for understanding the key behaviours that create high-performing teams and how these can be applied across the entire organisation.  It will offer some truly fascinating insights.”

Steve Baggi, CEO & Founder of KultraLab, also expressed his enthusiasm about this collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled that Sir Clive is partnering with KultraLab.  With his esteemed coaching background and a wealth of experience creating winning and high-performing teams, we are incredibly excited to learn from his expertise. This collaboration will play a pivotal role in shaping efforts to create exceptional coaching programmes, accessible to all front line managers through our AI coach, Kultra. Furthermore, Sir Clive’s invaluable insights will undoubtedly enrich our research on ‘The Secret DNA of High-Performing Teams’.”


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