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RELEASED: ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH EP’ – Discover ‘Soundtrack 1’ Official Clip: “Silent unknown – LOW” on YouTube

‘Silent unknown’ proudly presents his inaugural EP ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’, a pioneering project of our age, accompanied by the visually stirring official video for ‘Soundtrack 1’, “LOW”. This venture showcases ‘Silent unknown’s bold departure from conventional norms, embarking on a solitary journey marked by remarkable courage. “if you don’t stand up for what you believe in, What are you living for?” -Silent unknown.

Hailing from London, ‘Silent unknown’ embarked on a transformative journey, ultimately finding solace and purpose in ‘JESUS CHRIST’. His most recent work transcends traditional worship, with ‘Silent unknown’ taking the reins on virtually every aspect of the project, thereby reshaping the music industry’s landscape. His dedication to autonomy as an artist showcases his profound insight, establishing him as a pioneering figure of Congolese British heritage.

The EP comprises seven tracks, with a total duration of about 21 minutes, and will be complemented by two forthcoming music videos on YouTube, including ‘Soundtrack 2’ “STRONG” and ‘Soundtrack 3’ “STORM”.

The first video aims to console those wrestling with severe depression, instilling hope and resilience. The next video intends to fortify the fragile, introducing a new level of artistic innovation.

The series culminates with a groundbreaking video, combining emotional lyrics with cinematic quality, charting ‘Silent unknown’s transformation, attributable to his unwavering faith in ‘CHRIST’. “Turning my life around would never have been possible until I submitted my life to ‘CHRIST’.”

As ‘Silent unknown’ gears up to influence the music scene and overturn existing paradigms, he expounds that ‘IN SPIRIT + TRUTH’ signifies the profound worship of ‘JESUS CHRIST’, the author of life, through heartfelt and genuine expression, transcending mere musicality to embody his very being.


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