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Sparkle, Style, and the Truth of Beauty: Louie Spence Stars in ‘The Aesthetic Effect’ Podcast

The Aesthetics Effect Podcast is excited to host Louie Spence in a frank conversation about Aesthetic Perfection. Hosted by Flavio Refrigeri, Clinic Director and Founder of Fiore Aesthetics, the latest episode titled “The Pressures of Aesthetic Perfection” welcomes esteemed dancer, choreographer, and media star, Louie Spence. In this episode, Spence shares his unique take on the aesthetic world and the role of social media in setting beauty standards.

Louie Spence, a household name renowned for his extensive career, is celebrated for his involvement in Pineapple Dance Studios, “Dancing on Ice,” and “Celebrity Big Brother”. His autobiography “Still Got It, Never Lost It!” along with his charismatic TV appearances have made him a cherished personality in entertainment.

In this enlightening episode, Spence and Refrigeri discuss the complex nature of the aesthetics industry, focusing on social media’s effect on beauty perceptions. They examine the challenges encountered by individuals in the limelight and how these pressures are reflected across society. The blend of Spence’s experience in show business and Refrigeri’s expertise in aesthetics provides a thought-provoking perspective.

The Aesthetics Effect podcast, produced by the specialist agency Digital Aesthetics, is known for its informative and engaging episodes. This particular episode is essential listening for anyone fascinated by the interplay of beauty, entertainment, and social media.

“The Pressures of Aesthetic Perfection” can now be accessed on all major podcast platforms. Listen to Flavio Refrigeri and Louie Spence as they delve into a conversation that highlights evolving beauty ideals and social media’s role in influencing public perspectives.

About The Aesthetics Effect Podcast: The Aesthetics Effect is a popular podcast that delves into the latest developments and scientific progress in the beauty sector. Hosted by Flavio Refrigeri, it provides in-depth conversations with experts and celebrities, demystifying complex subjects in aesthetic treatments in an engaging manner.


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